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December 18th, 2018

You’ll See Colorful, Creative Trends in 2019

As 2018 comes to a close and we reflect on another successful year of marketing and design, we at Kinetic wanted to take a peek into the future and share with you some of the design trends that we predict will be showing up in 2019!



Pantone’s color of the year is always a great influencer of interior and graphic design, and 2019 is bringing us “Living Coral.” We anticipate this color to be popping up a lot in 2019, along with others that accent it nicely, such as 2017’s color of the year, “Greenery.” Soft and romantic “Millennial Pink” (Rose Quartz) has made quite a splash in the last couple of years, and we only see that color to trend further upward in the new year.


Brands are trading in heavily handwritten script fonts for cleaner, voluptuous serif fonts with a lot of contrast in the up and down stroke width, like the classic Century Schoolbook. Other font trends sure to make a splash in 2019 include 3-D effects, outlining, and gradients. Online, you’ll see type being animated, emphasized with a highlighter-like stroke behind it, and “overdone”, with shadows, bevels, fades and any other effect you could imagine applied to the text.


Loose and off-centered layouts are sure to make a splash in 2019. This trend ditches traditional page constraints and leads the viewer to wonder what scenes might lie beyond the page. Overlapping is key to this trend, and this can spill over into really fun webpage layouts as well!



One design trend we are excited about at Kinetic is the use of flat visual elements paired with real-life objects. This combo blurs the line between 2-D and 3-D, realism and fantasy. It is an excellent way to get really creative with color and texture.

The sounds, textures, and fashions of the ’90s are coming back in a BIG way, and we predict that in 2019 we will see this spill over into the graphic design world as well. Expect loud prints, bold sans-serif fonts, and bright colors to come together in some really fun and retro ways.