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September 8th, 2021

Brand Sprawl Is Real

Branding with Unified Purpose

At Kinetic, we encounter brand sprawl all the time, especially with our most successful clients. As companies experience healthy growth, they tend to accumulate new brands and sub-brands. While these ad hoc branding efforts are often well-intentioned and productive individually, they can cloud the overall brand picture over time.

Our expert strategists can help your business or organization make sense of your branding landscape to ensure that all brand assets perform in harmony. We’ll work to unify your branding efforts under an umbrella brand structure that accurately portrays the breadth of your organization.

Our work with St. John’s United provides a classic example of an organization that found itself mired in brand sprawl. They came to us with a desire to unite their numerous brands together under a single, clear brand.

Learn more about how to diagnose and correct brand sprawl by listening to this recent conversation between St. John’s United Communications Director, Karen Miller and Kinetic principal, Dana Pulis.

You can also read the St. John’s United case study, which offers an in-depth look at how we brought order to the branding of this amazing organization.