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June 28th, 2021

Case Study: Compelling and Custom Photography to Maximize Impact

Kinetic offers in-house photography capabilities that we customize to the unique needs and brand of our clients. Check out a great example of how our team went above and beyond to meet the needs of outdoor recreation company, Road Adventures. 


An Ohio startup created by two entrepreneurs turned to Kinetic to introduce an exciting product to a national audience. The product? A customized camping adventure featuring a fully-stocked vintage-style trailer, tow vehicle and outdoor gear. From the company’s inception, we worked closely with the founders to name their company, Road Adventures, develop its voice, website and other foundational elements. Key to the brand would be our photography that would make these “trips of a lifetime” come alive in all digital formats, print collateral and marketing materials.



As we developed brand visuals, we honed in on a photo style to capture the unforgettable experiences that vacationers would have. It brought epic and intimate images together, focusing on nostalgia and nature, textures and feelings, and the grandiose and granular. We produced a three-day photoshoot in breathtaking locations just outside Yellowstone National Park. Our photo list was long and detailed, calling for epic shots of this grand scene, secondary shots, camper interactions, outdoor activities and much more. We scouted the locations, identified talent, managed a large inventory of props, loaded supplies and let our creative director/photographer capture the magic.



Our client was ecstatic with the images that we captured and all final images were utilized in the brand formation. One of the client founders accompanied us and was impressed with how well planned the three days of setup, takedown and photo sessions were. One image was featured by GMC in its promotional materials and our agency won a gold ADDY Award for this photography campaign, which showcased the beauty of Montana that awaits outdoor enthusiasts looking for a great camping experience.

Photography is essential to every overarching marketing plan – and Kinetic is here to assist. Download a PDF of this case study here.