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June 30th, 2021

Case Study: Primary Research for Real Results

Kinetic is known for our ability to conduct primary research for our clients. After all, businesses need to understand their audiences in order to connect and engage with them. The following case study outlines successful primary research that resulted in tangible benefits for our long-time client, EBMS.


An industry leader in health-risk management and third-party administration of self-funded health plans, EBMS engaged Kinetic to assist them in broadening their outreach and to seek untapped marketing resources and strategies. Through our conversations, it became clear that there was a need to connect in more meaningful and targeted ways with independent insurance brokers.


To kick off the campaign, Kinetic employed an innovative process for conducting in-depth primary research, synthesizing insights gleaned, and producing valuable, usable information to assist EBMS in understanding and connecting with insurance brokers in both tangible and measurable ways.

Our proprietary primary research process, characterized by extensive and thorough one-on-one interviews, town hall meetings and focus groups, revealed a clear understanding of brokers’ goals and perceived (and real) challenges in attaining these. Kinetic was then able to craft engaging, targeted and actionable messaging to apply to the campaign. At the conclusion of this process, we created a report that documented our findings, our insights, our recommended communications and messaging strategy as well as a plan for campaign implementation. 


Ultimately, EBMS was able to develop a forward-thinking strategy and campaign messaging to brokers based on Kinetic’s findings. This elevated the campaign from common to customized. With this primary research, EBMS now thoroughly understood its broker-client, allowing EBMS to customize and implement solutions that are truly meaningful. This data informed the creation of a holistic broker campaign through white paper development, emails and a broker-dedicated website portal. EBMS is not only reaching more brokers than ever but helping innumerable businesses offer more affordable and comprehensive healthcare plans to their employees.

Primary research is one of the most valuable services we provide. Download a PDF of this case here.