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July 26th, 2021

Case Study: Email Marketing Campaign Opens Up New Markets

For every $1 you spend on email marketing you can expect an average return of $42! Which is why our clients always see results from our customized, dynamic email marketing strategy and tools. Email marketing is not going away anytime soon with 3.9 billion email users, you can’t afford not to do it.


Frontier Asset Management (FAM) engaged Kinetic three years ago hoping to take its firm to the next level. FAM needed to get in front of its potential clients with quality messaging and educational content that resonated with and provided value to advisors. At the time, Frontier was managing $2 billion in assets and had their sights set on $3 billion. 



Using information obtained through primary research, Kinetic developed a content strategy and executed a six-week campaign utilizing a series of four emails, two landing pages and one new industry educational website. Two unique campaigns were developed to target both advisors familiar with Frontier and advisors who have never before been in contact with Frontier. The initial campaign reached over 12,000 individuals.


Today, Frontier is sitting at nearly $6B in assets under management and now has a nation-wide reputation and have been acknowledged within the media with awards and a doubling of business.

This email/digital marketing campaign was data-driven and outcomes were tangibly measured. We found an overall increase in open rates by nearly 5% as well as an improvement in currency transaction reports (CTRs). After a year, the campaign is still proving positive results for the company. A total of nearly 1,700 advisors have become customers through the campaign, providing a cost per sales persona of $16.35.

Creative emails that are strategically constructed and immaculately executed are what makes Kinetic’s email marketing programs so effective. A PDF of this case study is available by clicking here.