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March 24th, 2023

Case study: Energy Industry Digital Campaign


GTUIT is an industry leader in flare capture and gas conditioning solutions at well sites around the globe. They are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that add economic value while lowering emissions and conserving valuable energy resources. GTUIT consulted Kinetic to implement a digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness in targeted locations and guide qualified leads to their website.

Digital campaign case studyActions

Kinetic partnered with GTUIT to target messaging to specific audiences via organic and paid media initiatives on LinkedIn, display and search platforms. Kinetic established an organic social media strategy to showcase GTUIT’s services, values and company culture. The Kinetic social media team optimized GTUIT’s business profile and created collateral and direction to launch an employee participation strategy on LinkedIn. Kinetic conducted training and provided a “best practices” toolkit for GTUIT employees to organically boost GTUIT’s reach across the LinkedIn platform within their industry. Furthermore, Kinetic crafted and executed targeted paid media campaigns on LinkedIn, display and search to promote the brand and increase valuable web traffic.

Now Hiring campaignResults

Kinetic met GTUIT’s goals to increase brand awareness and web traffic. GTUIT’s LinkedIn page followers increased by 24%, generating an impressive 16,000 organic post impressions while reaching 11,000 people and engaging 149 post shares and 801 reactions. The “best practices” toolkit and training were critical to the success of the organic social media campaign. The paid media campaign brought over 2,000 web visitors to high-value pages on GTUIT’s site and populated valuable retargeting audiences for search, display and LinkedIn initiatives in the future.

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