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March 22nd, 2023

Case Study: Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy


Clearfly, a brand that works to meet the needs of companies large and small to provide SIP trunking solutions and voice services, worked with Kinetic Marketing & Creative to develop an omnichannel digital marketing strategy to target segmented audiences in order to deliver tailored messaging across partner lifestyle stages.

Partner with ClearflyActions

After establishing foundational marketing initiatives including a logo refresh, website redesign, and audience research, as well as implementing branded marketing automation and CRM workflows, Kinetic strategized an omnichannel digital campaign across paid media, organic social media, SEO and email to increase brand awareness, re-engage unengaged partners, and educate engaged partners on the full breadth of Clearfly’s services. Kinetic built highly targeted digital ads with correlating landing pages for each of Clearfly’s audience tiers and launched paid advertising campaigns on Linkedin and programmatic advertising channels. Kinetic supported this messaging with monthly organic social media on LinkedIn and Facebook. Finally, Kinetic designed targeted email automation to speak to Clearfly’s engaged and unengaged partners specifically, alongside quarterly newsletters and a welcome email series. The updated website created a friendly user experience that allowed the user to engage on their own terms and opt into a fully branded email marketing campaign based on their service needs.

Telecommunications omnichannel marketingResults

The programmatic advertising campaign increased contact-us form fills and brochure downloads resulting in an average CPA of $6.70. The paid LinkedIn campaign was harnessed as an awareness tactic and resulted in 136,811 impressions and 146 contact page visits. The campaign messaging correlated with organic social content across both Facebook and LinkedIn, which strengthened the Clearfly community with an average engagement rate of 14.49%, and 15,000 combined organic impressions. The concise messaging and unified brand allowed the campaign to meet Clearfly’s customers where they were in the sales funnel. The targeted email automation series increased awareness of Clearfly’s Unified Billing services and re-engaged unengaged partners, resulting in a 28% open rate and 4.9% click rate (above industry benchmarks). The client saw a significant increase in leads to their contact us page, with Google Analytics reporting a total of 1,002 contact us page visits assisted from the paid media, organic social and email marketing efforts over the duration of the campaign. The omni-channel strategy assisted with brand consistency across each channel and allowed users to retain the brand’s messaging while directing the user to take the desired action on the site. SEO was an important refining tactic within the omni-channel strategy and consisted of 30% of the converting audiences.

Omni-channel marketing case studyLet Kinetic produce your next omni-channel marketing strategy. Download a PDF of this case study here.