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March 20th, 2023

Case Study: Public School District Social Media


Billings Public Schools is the largest school district in Montana servicing over 16,000 students each school year utilizing a staff of over 2,000 members throughout their thirty-two schools, elementary to high school. The district initially contacted Kinetic to help with PR for an upcoming mill levy and again in a crisis situation. We quickly came to realize that one thing was clear — they needed a way to better connect with the community and gain a positive sentiment. By creating a strong presence on their Facebook page, they began to gain rapport among their followers and the community at large.

Social media analytics Strategy

When building their content calendar, we focus heavily on the most important part of their organization — the kids. Each month this includes posts about events happening within the district, features of students work and accomplishments, nostalgic content from throughout the district’s history and fun facts and information for parents to share with their students. It was important to move away from using stock images and gather as many photos on location as possible.

Through daily posting, we have provided the opportunity for a more positive interaction between Billings Public Schools and the community on a regular basis.

social media postsResults

A quick social audit before implementing our strategy confirmed what we had already speculated — negative sentiment made up 20% of the interactions they were receiving with their current Facebook posting strategy. After a few months with Kinetic, this drastically decreased showing a negative sentiment of only 2% on a consistent basis with positive sentiment sitting at 40% and 58% of interactions being in a neutral state. A byproduct of the implementation strategy included higher engagement both for individual posts and for the page as a whole. A post highlighting the first high school in the district accompanied by a fun fact in the caption received over 500 likes, 209 shares, 39 comments and an overall post reach of 25,119. Since March the page altogether has received 96K in clicks, 28K in engagement and 869K in impressions.

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