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April 26th, 2023

Case Study: Future Ready Community Campaign Launch


Kinetic worked closely with a school district client to promote their Future Ready program, which aims to inspire and educate future generations of students. The school district wanted to showcase Future Ready opportunities to a wider audience and engage the community to support the program.


Kinetic organized and hosted two premiere events at Pub Station and Babcock Theatre for the Future Ready program. To ensure success, Kinetic developed a strategic plan to create marketing collateral, including posters, flyers and social media posts, to promote the events and generate buzz in the community.

Future Ready Community Campaign Launch Collateral. Kinetic designed branded emails, posters, and stickers for the event.

Additionally, Kinetic collaborated with the client to develop an engaging program for the events. We designed a presentation that highlighted the benefits of the Future Ready program and showcased the nine Future Ready videos.

Kinetic shot and produced 7 videos for the public school district's Future Ready that prepares students in various career paths before graduating high school.

The premiere events were highly successful, with good turnouts, great support, and wonderful engagement from the community. Attendees and community partners provided positive feedback, generating significant buzz around the Future Ready program.

The Future Ready Community Campaign Launch Event was a huge success!

The events played a critical role in successfully unveiling the new name and spreading awareness of Future Ready opportunities, effectively promoting them to a wider audience and community while inspiring and educating future generations of students.

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