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April 25th, 2023

How Brands Can Capitalize on the Rise of Granfluencers

Paula Folz Writer

Move over, millennials — there’s a new wave of influencers taking over social media, and they’re not who you might expect.

Granfluencers, or influencers over the age of 70, are using platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube to share their fashion sense, life experiences and unique perspectives with the world. And brands are taking notice.

At Kinetic, we’re constantly exploring new and innovative ways to help brands connect with their target audiences. That’s why we’re excited about the rise of granfluencers and the opportunities they present for brands looking to expand their reach.

Why Work With Granfluencers?

We know a thing or two about influencer marketing because we do it all of the time! In fact, we learned a lot from an influencer marketing campaign in Arizona that proved to be an incredibly beneficial and game-changing endeavor for our client, Dometic. At the same time, we see huge potential in non-traditional influencer marketing capitalizing on the appeal of the less expected. So why do we love the idea of granfluencers so much?


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The beauty of granfluencers is that they offer a fresh perspective on social media. They have a wealth of life experience and knowledge to share, and their followers trust their opinions and recommendations. But granfluencers are also appealing to younger generations — millennials and Gen Zers appreciate the authentic, unfiltered content that granfluencers produce.

Moreover, granfluencers can be a cost-effective alternative to more traditional influencers. While celebrity influencers can be expensive to work with, granfluencers often have smaller followings and may be more open to collaborations with brands.

Brands That Work with Granfluencers

A wide range of industries can benefit from working with granfluencers. Some examples include:

  • Beauty and Fashion: Granfluencers like Iris Apfel and Baddie Winkle have partnered with beauty brands like MAC Cosmetics and fashion retailers like Bergdorf Goodman.
  • Travel and Lifestyle: Granfluencers like Grandma Joy and Grandadventure have built loyal followings with their travel content.
  • Food and Beverage: Senior influencers like Grandparents That Cook and Grandpa Kitchen have amassed millions of followers on YouTube with their cooking videos.

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Finding the Right Granfluencer

Our team of experts can help you identify granfluencers whose content aligns with your brand’s values and target audience. We understand that granfluencers value authenticity and transparency, so we work with our clients to clearly communicate their expectations and goals for the collaboration.

We also recognize that granfluencers bring their own ideas and creative input to the table. Our team is open to collaboration, working together with granfluencers to create content that both parties are happy with. By building a long-term partnership with a granfluencer, your brand can benefit from multiple collaborations and increased brand loyalty among the influencer’s followers.


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At Kinetic, we’re excited about the potential of granfluencers and the opportunities they offer for brands to connect with new audiences. As experts in the world of digital marketing, we’re committed to helping our clients stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on emerging trends.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your brand work with granfluencers and other influencers to achieve your marketing goals.

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