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July 10th, 2022 3 minute read

Kim Kardashian: Next-Level Influencer Marketing

Megan Pullins Digital Director

“So you go on your Instagram deal and say, ‘Guess what kids, shapewear for everybody and within a minute, sell four million, is that what happens?’” David Letterman jokingly asked on the Netflix series “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.” Kim’s response, “Basically.”

Everyone is intrigued and fascinated by the success that comes from influencer marketing on social media. Nobody does it more effectively than the Kardashian family, especially Kim.

Kim Kardashian’s Backstory

Kim Kardashian has been dubbed the “Queen of Influence” and a master of publicity. At age 14, her father defended O.J. Simpson. At 18, she worked as Paris Hilton’s assistant. At 23, she weathered her first public scandal. At 27, her family started a reality TV show that lasted 20 seasons. Kim Kardashian is no stranger to the public eye and has masterfully parlayed years of publicity to become the self-made billionaire that she is today.

Gaining Experience in Influencer Marketing

Up until about five years ago, Kim promoted anything and everything that came her way. She claims that she “found power in saying yes” and learned immensely from doing so. Kim K had licensing agreements with companies across the spectrum, which even included simultaneous endorsements for cupcakes and weight loss supplements. After a decade of non-stop influencer exploration, Kim finally felt she had the chops to start her own businesses and focus on products that she authentically used and loved.

Leveling Up and Kim K’s Social Media Best Practice Per Platform

She created an app that broke the app store upon launch, spearheaded a beauty line and launched a body-inclusive shapewear line almost entirely on social media, all while raising four kids, studying to become a lawyer and starring in a reality TV show. So how did she manage to launch a shapewear company almost entirely with influencer and social media marketing?

In an interview with Forbes, Kim disclosed how she uses each social media platform to connect her followers:

  • Snapchat is best for everyday activities like approving color swatches, or behind the scenes on a photo shoot
  • Facebook’s high click through rate and massive audience is perfect for product marketing
  • Instagram is all about being creative and curating a visual story
  • Twitter, one of the first social media platforms she used, is best for having a conversation, listening and getting feedback in real time

Like many who have been around longer than two decades, Kim feels that TikTok is still “very young.”

The Launch Strategy for SKIMS Shapewear

SKIMS is the Spanx for Gen Z. It is a size-inclusive shapewear brand that has expanded to include loungewear, sleepwear, bodysuits and, most recently, swimwear. The London-based marketing agency duo Jens and Emma Grede co-founded SKIMS with Kim Kardashian in 2019.

Their brand launch strategy for SKIMS harnessed a combination of broadcast TV and press with influencer reviews, celebrity support and her own 320 million followers on Instagram, 72 million followers on Twitter and 34 million followers on Facebook.


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The launch was a huge success with “tens of thousands of orders in a matter of minutes and more than half a million unique visitors with an extremely high intent to purchase,” according to Swedish entrepreneur and SKIMS board partner and director Jens Grede.

SKIMS continues to sell out of “new drops” rather than seasonal collections with heavy celebrity hype and brand collaborations like Fendi and Team USA at the Tokyo games in 2021. SKIMS is currently valued at $3.2 million.


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There is no argument, Kim Kardashian knows how to sell. Over and over again, her advice on social media is to authentically share your world with people, set boundaries, and listen. Does it help that her authentic self is something that people love to follow? Absolutely. But that in no way diminishes all the work that she has put in to build her success.

One final quote to inspire:

“Give it 100%, work hard, surround yourself with people who want to work. Get up and work.”

– Kim Kardashian



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