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May 31st, 2021

Case Study: Successful Proposals for Award-Winning Work

Since 2016, Kinetic Marketing & Creative has developed winning proposals in the highly competitive industry of professional engineering. Read on to learn about how we have offered on-going support to our long-time clients in this unique and specific way.


Performance Engineering (Performance), founded in Billings, MT, provides civil engineering, surveying and construction management services throughout the Rocky Mountain West. Because many of their clients are local, state and federal governmental entities, a large portion of their work is attained through Request for Proposal (RFP) processes.


The Kinetic team offers the unique skillset and experience required to assess, understand and craft detailed and compelling responses that fulfill the nuanced requirements of various RFPs. With each, Kinetic works closely with Performance internal teams of project managers, and leadership to glean a clear understanding of the project for which they are proposing – typically large-scale civil engineering, surveying and construction management efforts. We strategize and craft specific templates that emphasize their team’s differentiators and distinct value. This allows them the ability to write to the template and provide content. Our team then proofs and edits for clarity and lays out the proposals.

Additionally, working with Performance, we assist in gathering resumes and develop the necessary content for the various sections proscribed in the RFP document. We also collect (or provide custom) photography and lay out the proposals — staying on-brand and on-message, giving each proposal a distinctive aesthetic, with concise and evocative messaging.

Our proposal development abilities continue to win work for our clients. Download a pdf of this case study here.