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June 1st, 2021 3 minute read

Discover the Value in Touchpoint Analysis

A touchpoint analysis is a great way to assess how customers perceive your brand. If you’ve never experienced a touchpoint analysis, you’ll likely discover deep, and often surprising, insights about your business. Typically, business owners are so immersed in the day-to-day grind of operating their business that they miss the forest for the trees. With the insights gained, you can develop effective strategies to maintain and improve customer engagement.

A touchpoint analysis is a thorough audit of all the points where your business touches customers through three phases: pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase. Within each phase, Kinetic will work with you to identify, assess and prioritize the high-impact touchpoints.

During your touchpoint analysis, Kinetic will address the following questions:

  • What touchpoints exist between your business and current or potential customers?
  • How well are you prioritizing and managing those touchpoints?
  • What strategy do you need to embrace to leverage those touchpoints more successfully?
  • How can you ensure that your customers’ experience is consistent with your brand promise?
  • What’s the best way to keep customers engaged after the sale to ensure a great brand experience that will keep customers coming back?

In a strategic session with senior management and key stakeholders, Kinetic will identify all the touchpoints within your business and then set up a mechanism for prioritizing each relative to its degree of influence on your customers.

brand touchpoints wheel


In the PRE-PURCHASE EXPERIENCE, we explore the strategies and touchpoints leveraged in this phase and assess the stages a potential customer goes through as they move from initial awareness to trying to determine whether they will purchase.

In the PURCHASE EXPERIENCE, we determine the first steps in delivering on your brand promise and outline how to take greater control over the purchase process through the various touchpoints.

In the POST-PURCHASE EXPERIENCE, we identify ways to enhance the customer experience with your brand. We explore the tactics your business has at its disposal to keep customers satisfied after the sale, and most important, to keep the relationship alive over time so that customers remain loyal and recommend your business to others.


I. Internal Assessment

Our touchpoint analysis employs a three-step strategy. First, we identify all touchpoints through a Kinetic-facilitated internal assessment aimed at eliciting internal perspectives on the most important touchpoints. We assess how well the company manages these priority touchpoints and assign owners.


  • Kinetic-facilitated assessment session with internal team
  • Identification of touchpoint owners

II . Action Plan

Second, we develop an action plan, including identification of the internal resources and support needed to bring it to life, all aimed at helping your business reach its longer-term strategic goals and objectives.


  • Marketing strategy with goals, strategies, vehicles and tactics
  • Prioritization of touchpoints
  • Gap/needs assessment of touchpoints
  • Development of plan, budget and timeline for each touchpoint with owner

III . Development of Momentum Groups

Finally, we develop tiger teams to create momentum. Owners are assigned to move each key high-impact touchpoint forward. This includes leading monthly Momentum Group meetings to monitor, measure and adjust relevant actions for each touchpoint. Eventually, meetings will be held on a quarterly basis.


  • Development of meeting format, schedule and structure

Take the first step in planning the future of your business. Order your free touchpoint analysis from Kinetic now!