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June 3rd, 2021

Case Study: Compelling Video Production to Increase Engagement

Often our clients find that have a message that needs to be communicated in a profound way. We offer comprehensive video-production capabilities – for web, email and social media. There is no better way to up-level your digital presence – read on for a great example of how video production can create huge results.


Based in picturesque Sheridan, Wyoming, Frontier Asset Management is far from ‘Wall Street’ in every way. For more than 20 years, this forward-thinking financial asset management firm has helped clients re-envision investment possibilities through innovative and customized strategies.

Technology and relationship-focused, Frontier realized it had a mission-driven message that needed to be expressed. Managing the finances of or retirement prospects for an individual or family has real-life consequences. Frontier had a story that needed telling… but were unsure of the most effective way to move forward.


Frontier approached Kinetic with this ambition and our team proposed developing compelling videography to tell Frontier’s brand story and showcase its services. With efficiency being a key driver of the effort, our team was able to strategize, plan, scout ideal locations and schedule and capture numerous high-impact interviews with leadership in a single venture. Kinetic was then able to edit the footage in a way that created multiple unique videos to populate, up level and expand Frontier’s ability to reach more people, with more personal, evocative messaging.


Effective video production increases brand awareness, fosters personal connections and builds business. Kinetic brought the human element, history and poignant story of Frontier to the forefront with the art of storytelling through video. Frontier has enjoyed the ability to further distinguish itself, emphasize a personal commitment to clients and demonstrate that proven financial expertise exists far from Wall Street. The videos have brought a rich medium to the Frontier website, establishing a deeper sense of credibility that generated a surge in new business leads.

We love video – the strategy, creativity and everything it does for our clients. Download this case study here!