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June 8th, 2021

Case Study: Branding with Purpose

Healthcare is a highly competitive industry. Without effective branding, it’s difficult to stand out in the crowd. Kinetic conducted thorough primary research to understand EBMS inside and out, taking into account the perspectives of stakeholders throughout the company and their customer base.


EBMS, an industry leader in health risk management and third-party administration of self-funded health plans operates under a complex organizational structure providing multiple services via various entities under the EBMS umbrella. A clear brand hierarchy was imperative, as well as an over-all brand refresh. The company was also looking for a partner to assist with various marketing needs as they might arise and were without any clear long-term marketing strategy plan.


Kinetic executed large sample primary research as the basis for strategic planning, interviewing users, stakeholders, staff and leadership. The goal was to refresh the EBMS brand and develop a hierarchy that both spoke the truth of the organization and addressed the needs of EBMS’ various target audiences.

Once research was complete, Kinetic focused on brand messaging and identifying a value position (consistent with the research). Setting a clear tone and tenor for the EBMS brand message emphasized the uniqueness and value of the company.


Kinetic has since become the EBMS agency of record and marketing arm (as a stand in for a traditional marketing department) for the company. Ultimately, working with EBMS over the last 13 years has allowed to us share in their excitement, pride and successes as they have continued to grow and meet or beat every annual revenue, new client acquisition, recruitment and retention and geographic expansion goal.

Kinetic’s branding efforts across a wide variety of industries continue to impress clients and produce positive results. Download a PDF of our branding case study here.