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August 30th, 2023

Case Study: Comprehensive Rebrand, Marketing Strategy and Execution


In August 2020, Kinetic and Design North Supply (DNS) forged a collaborative partnership amid a challenging period in the spray foam industry. At that time, supply chains encountered significant and historic obstacles, and installers faced difficulties in obtaining the necessary supplies for their projects.

During this challenging period, DNS recognized that they had the ability to set themselves apart from their competitors on pricing and their unique structure which allowed them to source materials more quickly. Yet, they were still struggling because they didn’t have a strong presence in the Pacific Northwest, and as a new business they were relatively unknown. They had to find a way to get the word out about their products to spray foam installers… enter Kinetic.

comprehensive brand messaging developmentActions

We began by creating a new logo for DNS, followed by comprehensive brand messaging development. Their new aesthetic and brand voice and messaging fully encapsulated their Unique Value Positions (UVPs) and brand identity. These were fully implemented and realized through a new website development, sales sheet and a broader collateral package.

Subsequently, we delved into the realm of digital marketing through two well-crafted initiatives. The initial campaign centered around captivating the Pacific Northwest audience, while the second one catered specifically to insulation installers in Alaska. Our unwavering support extended to their team by facilitating a comprehensive photo and video shoot, resulting in an invigorating website overhaul complemented by custom, compelling photography.

A Closer Look

Brand Development

We conducted in depth research into DNS’s target audience, competitors and industry trends. Based on our findings, we developed a unique and compelling brand identity that aligned with DNS’s goals and values. Website Development Our team created a user friendly, visually appealing website that showcases DNS’s products, expertise and brand personality. We focused on creating an intuitive navigation structure and optimizing the website for search engine visibility.

logo refreshCollateral Package

To support DNS’s sales efforts, we designed sales sheets, brochures and a full collateral and swag package that effectively communicated the benefits and features of their spray foam products as well as building brand loyalty.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Leveraging our expertise in digital marketing, we developed a comprehensive strategy to bring brand awareness to the business in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest region.

Custom Photography and Video

To enhance DNS’s visual assets, we conducted a custom photography project capturing their products, people and spaces. Furthermore, we delivered tailor-made videos that were harnessed to create impactful short vertical clips, strategically tailored for further digital marketing endeavors, including paid social media campaigns.


By partnering with Kinetic, DNS experienced a significant transformation in their brand presence, online visibility and lead generation capabilities.

The combination of brand development, innovative website design, captivating collateral creation and astute digital marketing initiatives has played a pivotal role in DNS’s remarkable success within the highly competitive spray foam industry in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Online visibility and lead generation capabilities.Alaska Campaign:

The Design North Supply campaign, focused on Alaska, used digital display and paid search strategies. They received 1,453 clicks to their site and their ads were seen by more than 500,000 people. The paid search ads performed exceptionally well, achieving a high 5.61% click-through rate (CTR). Among the different parts of the campaign, the “Coatings” section stood out by generating 842 clicks and 16,395 impressions. This campaign in Alaska was a success, driving engagement and clicks.

Pacific Northwest (PNW) Campaign:

On the other hand, the Design North Supply campaign aimed at the Pacific Northwest region utilized a digital display strategy. It achieved a total of 674 clicks to their site, surpassing the industry benchmark of a 0.08% click-through rate (CTR) with its own 0.09% CTR. Within this campaign, they were able to secure four “contact us” form submissions and an impressive 833 downloads of their credit application. These positive actions were accomplished at a low cost per action of $9.17. The display ads played a crucial role in driving traffic to the site in this PNW campaign.

Overall, both the Alaska and PNW campaigns were successful, exceeding industry standards and generating positive results, including increased sales in new markets. As we forge ahead, DNS remains steadfast in harnessing the power of our ongoing digital marketing endeavors, allowing them to sustain exponential growth, extend their reach and achieve long-term success.

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