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August 28th, 2023

Case Study: Streamlining Floor Plan Management for Enhanced Consistency and Efficiency


The Jayco Family of Companies (JFOC) is a leading player in the RV industry, offering a diverse range of products that include the JaycoStarcraft RVEntegra Coach and Highland Ridge RV lines. With numerous floor plans in development for their 2024 model year release, JFOC faced the challenge of maintaining consistency while managing a large volume of content across various recreational vehicle styles, including fifth wheels, toy haulers, travel trailers, and all three classes of motorhomes. To tackle this issue, JFOC sought the expertise of Kinetic, an innovative marketing and creative agency, to provide strategic direction and streamline their floor plan management process.


Kinetic’s approach from the start was to work alongside the Jayco team as a true turnkey partner, understanding their unique marketing and creative needs. Through this collaborative effort, Kinetic immersed themselves in the JFOC brands, gaining valuable insights to create a tailored solution.

tailored solutionsThe primary challenge highlighted by the JFOC team was the need for consistency in managing numerous floor plans for the 2024 model year release. This consistency was crucial to maintain brand integrity and provide a reliable platform for content management. Leveraging the depth of talent on their creative team, Kinetic proposed a strategic plan to move the content from the CorelDraw program format to Sketch. This allin-one platform offered digital design tools, prototyping capabilities, and collaborative features to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

To further improve consistency, Kinetic developed an internal process to custom illustrate common features found across multiple floor plans. This meticulous approach ensured that each RV model showcased a cohesive and visually appealing design. To address the complexity of managing numerous architectural assets for hundreds of floor plans, Kinetic implemented a multi-step internal review and approval process. This approach allowed them to address intricate details such as shadows, color schemes, and item nomenclature, ensuring a seamless assembly of the final content.

strategic workflowsResults

The implementation of the new content management process provided JFOC with a consistent and reliable platform for handling their floor plans. This streamlined approach eliminated discrepancies, ensuring a cohesive presentation of their RV models across all product lines. Additionally, the transition to Sketch and the strategic workflow helped JFOC save valuable time and resources. By centralizing their content on a single platform, JFOC’s marketing team can now make wholesale changes to floor plans with ease, without the need for time-consuming manual updates. With this new process in place, JFOC now enjoys easy access to a large library of assets from a hosted environment. This enhanced accessibility fosters collaboration among team members, promoting efficient communication and seamless coordination.

multi-step internal reviewSuccess

The completion of the initiative ahead of schedule allowed JFOC to confidently prepare for their annual Jayco Homecoming event in Las Vegas. The event served as a successful platform for introducing the 2024 RV models, engaging with dealers and gathering valuable feedback.

Learn more about Kinetic’s capabilities and contact us for an innovative marketing and creative development. Download a PDF of this case study here.