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August 25th, 2023

Case Study: Digital Strategy and Viral TikTok Campaign

Big Sky Dog Wash, an innovative, ambitious company that goes far beyond dog wash design and manufacturing, is foundationally-driven to offer aspiring and established entrepreneurs a lucrative opportunity to own their own business, sought to strengthen its digital presence and engage a wider audience. Working with Kinetic’s strategic, creative and digital teams, they decided to capitalize on the rise of TikTok’s popularity. We knew this was an exciting opportunity to reach new customers and showcase their brand in a fun and engaging way.


TikTok’s growing user base and potential for virality provided an excellent platform for Big Sky Dog Wash to connect with a younger, tech-savvy audience. By leveraging the platform’s short-form video content and popular trends, they could humanize their brand, build stronger relationships with their audience, and ultimately increase customer loyalty.

TikTok viral videoActions

The Kinetic team devised a strategic plan focused on creating engaging, entertaining content that highlighted the company’s services in order to creatively communicate the unique business opportunity of becoming a dog wash owner.

The campaign centered around two key videos:

Organic Video
Kinetic crafted a heartwarming video featuring adorable dogs enjoying a spa day at Big Sky Dog Wash. The video showcased the company’s services while evoking emotions and eliciting positive responses.

@bigskydogwash Starting a business from scratch has never been easier. Embrace the Big Sky difference! #ownadogwash #ownyourownbusiness #passiveincome #passiveincometips #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurtok #ownabusinesstoday #startyourownbusiness #beyourownboss #beyourownboss2023 #startabiztoday #startabiz #easyincomebusiness #easyincomeideas ♬ original sound – Big Sky Dog Wash

Promotional Video
Kinetic created a “5 Reasons to Own a Dog Wash” video with catchy captions and upbeat music. The goal was to spark curiosity and encourage users to visit the company’s website to learn more.

@bigskydogwash Replying to @jean limon ♬ original sound – waninggibbous


social media campaignsSuccess

The TikTok campaign proved to be a roaring success, surpassing all expectations.

Here are the remarkable results:

Our first video garnered an astonishing 565,121 views, 11,318 profile views, 21,808 likes, 589 comments, and an impressive 10,330 shares. The heartwarming message resonated with TikTok users, significantly expanding the brand’s reach.

The “5 Reasons to Own a Dog Wash” video, literally became an overnight sensation. This video raked in an astounding 336,539 views, 7,296 profile views, 14,405 likes, 313 comments, and a whopping 6,879 post shares. The video’s engaging format and enticing call-to-action drove traffic to the company’s website.

viral campaign The integrated campaign successfully yielded an impressive count of 1,372 leads between June 26 and July 17. These leads encompass individuals who actively completed the ‘Contact Us’ form, subsequently engaging with our automated email campaign designed to encourage participation in the Discovery Session sign-up process. Big Sky Dog Wash’s customer base grew substantially, with skyrocketing numbers of inquiries and sign-ups for Discovery Session Webinars, proving
the effectiveness of the TikTok strategy. Additionally, this viral campaign not only boosted brand awareness but also positioned Big Sky Dog Wash as a forward-thinking, innovative brand that offers a viable opportunity for people to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit with confidence.

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