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August 22nd, 2023

Case Study: Brand Refresh, Messaging and Comprehensive Brand Launch Campaign


Let’s Go Aero, a leading outdoor lifestyle products company, sought to revitalize its brand to resonate better with its target audience of adventure-seeking individuals and families. They recognized the need for a cohesive brand identity, messaging and a fresh visual presence to establish themselves as a premier choice for outdoor gear, including silent hitch pins, trailers, bike racks and more. They partnered with the Kinetic team to embark on this rebranding journey.


We got to work right away and set out to elevate Let’s Go Aero’s position as a leader in outdoor lifestyle products. Through extensive brand discovery, we delved into Let’s Go Aero’s core values and audience personas and preferences. Armed with some great insights, our team devised a powerful strategy to define the brand’s unique attributes and positioning in the outdoor adventure market. Then Kinetic creatives went about the work of refreshing their logo, infusing it with a sense of boundless exploration and freedom while retaining its essence. Crafting compelling messaging and taglines, our team captured the thrill of adventurers and the passion of cycling enthusiasts, striking a chord with the target audience.

brand launch campaignThis was further formalized into a comprehensive brand guide to maintain consistency in future brand communications. The exciting rebrand was unveiled through a captivating email campaign, introducing the new logo, brand messaging and product offerings.

A Closer Look

Brand Discovery: Kinetic began with in-depth research, conducting customer surveys and studying market trends to understand Let’s Go Aero’s core values and customers’ expectations.

Brand Strategy: We developed a comprehensive brand strategy, defining Let’s Go Aero’s unique selling propositions, target audience and brand positioning in the outdoor adventure market.

Logo Refresh: It was exciting to breathe new life into Let’s Go Aero’s logo, preserving its essence while modernizing it to reflect a sense of adventure, exploration and motion.

Brand refreshMessaging and Taglines: Kinetic crafted compelling messaging that captured the thrill of family adventures and the passion of cycling enthusiasts.

Tone and Tenor: We also carefully curated a tone that felt approachable, enthusiastic, and inviting, aligning perfectly with the brand’s personality and audience.

Brand Elements and Guide: As part of this effort, we also established consistent brand elements, including color palettes, typography and imagery, ensuring a cohesive and recognizable brand presence across all platforms.

Email Campaign Brand Launch: To announce the rebranding, the team designed a captivating email campaign that introduced the new logo, brand messaging and exciting product offerings and discounts. The email showcased the essence of adventure and encouraged customers to explore Let’s Go Aero’s updated product line.

Landing Page: A highlight of the rebranding campaign was the engaging email campaign that Kinetic designed to unveil the new identity. The emails acted as a gateway to a dedicated landing page where customers and retailers could explore the rebrand in detail. This landing page served as a central hub, providing access to essential information about the brand’s transformation, new logo files, rebranded collateral and comprehensive brand guidelines.


Let’s Go Aero’s partnership with Kinetic has yielded remarkable outcomes – a revitalized brand identity, a unified community of adventure enthusiasts and a promising future of continued growth. The rebranding success was a testament to the power of creativity, strategy, and collaboration reinforcing Let’s Go Aero’s commitment to empowering people to embrace the journey and create memories that would last a lifetime and lifetimes of adventure.

email campaign and landing pageThe revamped logo, carefully crafted by Kinetic creatives, struck the right balance, capturing the essence of adventure while staying true to the brand’s heritage. Our compelling messaging and taglines further solidified Let’s Go Aero’s position as a go-to choice for those who seek thrilling journeys, memorable experiences and quality hauling and gear management solutions.

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