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August 17th, 2023

Case Study: Future Ready Website Development


Billings Public Schools needed a new website to showcase their rebranded Future Ready program and provide information to students, parents and the community. The school district wanted a modern, informative website that reflected their new brand elements and conveyed the right tone and tenor. We also needed the website to be easy to use and navigate, rank high in search engine results, and provide a wealth of information about the program and the different pathways.

public school district Future Ready website development


Kinetic worked closely with Billings Public Schools to build a modern, informative website for the Future Ready program. To ensure success, Kinetic started by identifying the key features and functionalities required on the website and then developed the design and architecture. We also ensured that the website reflected the new brand elements and logos and conveyed the right tone and tenor. Additionally, we focused on incorporating UX principles to make the website easy to use and navigate. Best practices for site architecture, menu structure and calls to action were implemented to ensure that visitors could find the information they needed quickly and easily. To help the website rank higher in search engine results, we also incorporated SEO best practices into the website’s design and content.

Custom video and rich media are embedded in this public school district website design.

The new Future Ready website offers students, parents and the community an engaging platform to learn more about the program and all available pathways. It’s a breeze to navigate and puts a spotlight on the new brand elements and logos. The UX principles incorporated into the design make it intuitive to navigate and the SEO best practices have pushed the site up for a top search engine ranking. The website is an incredibly valuable resource for those seeking information about Future Ready and will continue to generate significant interest and support. Overall, Kinetic played a critical role in the success of the Future Ready program by building a modern, informative website that reflects the new brand elements, conveys the right tone and tenor, and offers a wealth of information to the target audience.

UX principles were implemented in developing this public education program website.

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