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July 28th, 2023

Case Study: The Strategy Behind Big Sky Dog Wash’s Viral TikTok Campaign

Paula Folz Writer

You know what they say: every dog has its day, but for Big Sky Dog Wash, it was a whole viral frenzy on TikTok! We’re here to dish out all the juicy details on how the Kinetic team made those wagging tails go wild and turned the dog wash game upside down.

Let’s start with the numbers!

The Own a Dog Wash campaign has (to say the least) been crushing it, soaring way above the industry benchmarks for B2B marketing. To be precise, they fetched a whopping 1,372 leads from June 26 to July 17. How’s that for impressive?

Now, you might be wondering how we achieved such a paw-some result. Well, the magic behind our social media wizardry is truly the Kinetic digital team. Both our paid and organic campaigns took the Internet by storm, reeling in a grand total of 267 leads attributed to social in less than one month. Facebook did most of the heavy lifting, delivering 233 leads, while TikTok had its bark in the game with 33.

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And speaking of TikTok…

Big Sky Dog Wash unleashed an organic video on TikTok that took the platform by storm on day two. Cue the virtual fireworks because that video had a jaw-dropping 565,121 views! Yep, you read that right — over half a million pairs of eyes were checking us out! Paws-itively impressive, right?

Itktok viral videoBut wait, there’s more!

Not only did the video captivate viewers, but it also garnered 11,318 profile views, 21,808 likes, 589 comments and 10,330 shares!

The star asset — the “5 Reasons to Own a Dog Wash” video raked in an astounding 336,539 views, 7,296 profile views, 14,405 likes, 313 comments and a whopping 6,879 post shares!

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@bigskydogwash Replying to @jean limon ♬ original sound – waninggibbous

Woof, talk about winning the internet game!

When Mikaela Wahl, our Social Media Manager (and magician!) was asked what her first thought was when she checked in on these TikTok videos the next day and saw the numbers, she told us “I honestly couldn’t believe what I was looking at. It was an overwhelming mix of surprise, joy and gratitude. All the hard work and creativity poured into making that video paid off beyond anything I could have imagined. This experience reaffirmed my passion for social media and the power it holds to bring people together. It was a genuine reminder that sometimes, the most unexpected moments can become the most rewarding ones.”

But we weren’t just aiming for viral glory; we had a strategic plan in place.

The TikTok sensation boosted direct traffic and organic search traffic to Big Sky Dog Wash’s website, resulting in a fur-midable surge of conversions throughout the campaign. Our creative prowess wasn’t lost either — our campaign assets cleverly directed users to the site with a playful nod to “”

So, what’s the future for Big Sky Dog Wash after this viral rollercoaster? Kinetic has a well-tailored recommendation: keep those social campaigns alive and kicking across TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. It’s a formula for success that deserves endless belly rubs!

Interested in taking your digital and social campaigns to the next level? ­Reach out to us! We’d love to help!

Paula Folz


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