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February 5th, 2024

Kinetic Crashes Influencer Conference in Vegas

At Kinetic, we get excited about the changing business and marketing landscape. The challenges bring growth and the opportunities excite us. Every year, we explore emerging and developing trends by sending our team to conferences and embracing training opportunities. It’s a part of our culture that we continue to develop our team and maintain SME status with much of our staff.

Last year, we embraced the AI buzz (saw) that spread like wildfire through the business world and found ways to enhance and extend our capabilities with this powerful tool. We played and experimented until we discovered how to bring efficiency and better data to our work.

What We Have Our Eye on in 2024

Influencers and their intersection with AI. We sent three members of our team to the Creator Economy Live event in Las Vegas last month to explore where influencer marketing is headed and add to our current influencer strategy capabilities.

Our team attended cutting-edge, tactical sessions delivered by experts and delved into the tools, tech and resources needed for our upcoming influencer marketing campaigns. Presenters at the conference included numerous top influencers as well as marketing experts representing Mattel, TikTok, Ulta Beauty, Cirque du Soleil, Eventbrite, Liquid Death, Meta, Wish and Victoria’s Secret.

Influencer marketing is by no means new to us, and this year we have more active influencer marketing strategies than any other year. We aim to continue refining the art of influencer marketing to master the ability to connect clients with top-tier to micro-influencers who have receptive audiences ready to hear what they have to say.

We see tremendous opportunity in the ways AI has altered the playing field for influencer marketing. With the efficiencies that AI brings, including low-cost platforms and simple interfaces, influencer marketing is suddenly a viable strategy for medium and even small businesses. Previously, only enterprise-level and larger companies with deep pockets could play effectively in this space.

Based on all we learned at the conference, we’re diving into the new technology and platforms to explore how we can help our medium-sized businesses ($200 million to $800 million) and our new small business division (under $10 million) reap the rewards of the influencer game.

We’ll devote another blog to this topic in the months to come with our findings, plus a range of strategies and tactics. In the meantime, contact us if you’re interested in putting the power of influencer marketing to work for your business.