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February 8th, 2024

The Anatomy of a Well-Crafted Website and Why it Works

Hendrick’s Gin: Delightfully Unusual Writing for Magnificent Marketing

Full disclaimer: I’m a big Hendrick’s fan — it’s the best gin (according to me). I’m also a writer, so I pay much more attention to how others write, who does it well, what I love and also the kinds of things I stay away from on behalf of our clients. There is one thing, no matter the industry or the size of the business that I always try to do. And that is create a unique “Voice,” one that stands out from the competition and is instantly recognizable.

I’ve written blogs before explaining what we mean by developing a brand voice, the value of tone and tenor in messaging and tips for how to get it “write.” But in this blog, I’m just going to introduce you to a brand and a website that has done this better than anyone or anything I have ever seen. One might say that crafting a distinctive voice is the gateway to brand identity, and that is exactly what Hendrick’s Gin has done.

drive growth with great contentGet ready to step into the enchanting realm of Hendrick’s Gin, where every click on their website is a portal to a whimsical, mysterious and almost magical world.

A Visual Feast of Unusual Delight

Navigating Hendrick’s Gin’s Whimsical Website

I’ll just say it. This is a beautiful website. Its visual design is a fascinating mix of unconventional art and aesthetics that draw visitors into a world where eccentricity rules. Every image evokes a steampunk, surrealist vibe and, along with the fonts and color choices, drives a sense of curated curiosity and adventure. Taken together, the creative builds a cohesive, memorable user experience — it’s truly a joy to look around.

But what’s really my jam is the consistent messaging — if you think that’s boring, trust me, it’s not. I’ve yet to see a brand use words in such a way to fully build an alternate world through delightfully unusual narratives. The way they describe their products, like “unusually delicious cocktail recipes” and a gin made “oddly,” adds a layer of charm and eccentricity — even an element of surprise. The writing draws you in and genuinely compels further reading by choosing words that typically hold negative connotations and turning them into positive selling points. Even the simple act of joining the newsletter becomes an initiation into “The Society of the Unusual.”

Another example is their website’s age verification. They add a quirky twist on the standard age verification process, transforming the dull question of “How old are you?” into the playful and whimsical “Are you unusually aged?” It’s a small detail, but perfectly encapsulates the brand’s commitment to upending convention. Note: The Hendrick’s distillery (The Gin Palace — I love it!!) is located in Scotland, so if you choose to check it out, enter your age UK-style (day, month then year).

The Unusual Times

Exploring Hendrick’s Gin’s Captivating Blog

Even beyond every detail and aspect of the website, Hendrick’s Gin extends its fantastic voice into its blog, The Unusual Times. This blog is not just a collection of articles; it’s a chronicle of unusual news and stories from the Hendrick’s Giniverse and has great cocktail recipes and mixology tutorials. You get to know their Master Distiller, Leslie Gracie, and all about her pet tortoise and botanical garden (from which she extracts mysterious distillates and experimental liquids to store in her Cabinet of Curiosities).

Seriously, the creativity poured into the blog (and video) content mirrors the brand’s commitment to storytelling, creating an engaging space for enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the brand’s magical, mysterious and utterly curious universe!

The Parasocial Relationship

Connecting with Hendrick’s Gin’s Audience

According to dictionary.com, a parasocial relationship (if you haven’t heard of it) refers to a relationship that a person imagines having with someone they don’t know. To be perfectly honest, I thought myself above imaginary relationships and incapable of that kind of break from reality.

But then…I found myself inexplicably excited when I started receiving automated emails from Hendrick’s. With their “Dearest Paula” greeting to what felt like handpicked content and cocktail recipes just for me, I started thinking, “Wow, they get me!” Think about how powerful and cohesive their marketing strategy must be to accomplish this.

Rather than feeling like just another recipient of a mass email, each communication feels like a secret handshake, a personal invitation into the world of Hendrick’s. The use of marketing automation, far from feeling robotic, imparts a sense of exclusivity and creates an anticipation of being let in on the brand’s mystical secrets. Whether it’s a new product launch or an insight into the peculiar world of Hendrick’s, you feel like you’re being given the privilege to be part of something extraordinary, which let’s face it, is highly unusual.

branding strategiesIf this blog doesn’t land Kinetic the Hendrick’s account, rest assured I’ll have the time and energy to craft a seriously unique voice for your brand. Having delved deeply into all the creative quirks that make for truly engaging content on websites like Hendrick’s, I’m ready to create a whole new universe with your brand singing on center stage!