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November 30th, 2023

Kinetic Went Around the World and Back!

Rob Seas Content Strategist/Copywriter

2023 was a busy travel year for Kinetic. We hit the road individually and as a team to connect with clients, recreate, relax and see the world. By mid-year, we realized most of our team had compiled quite a year of globetrotting, and we were just getting started.

A common theme in the Kinetic travel reports was that we got out of our comfort zones in many cases and gained confidence along the way.

Now that the year is wrapping up and we’re headed into the holidays, we thought it would be a great time to share the highlights of our collective travels. Here they are in alpha order by first name.

Aimee – Washington, D.C.; Savannah, GA; Hilton Head Island, SC; Birmingham, AL; Jacksonville Beach, FL; Grand Rapids, MI; Blacksburg, VA
Aimee traveled up and down the east coast for all the right reasons, attending baby showers, bachelorette parties, weddings and visiting with family and friends.

Anjali – Big Sky, MT; Scottsdale, AZ; Nashville, TN; Chicago, IL
Anjali notched fun travel with family, friends and co-workers in 2023, taking advantage of every opportunity that came her way. In the process, she set the team record for willingness to travel on short notice for fun and work.

Gabby – Seattle, WA; Kona, Hawaii; Scottsdale, AZ
Gabby’s 2023 travel adventures took her all over the west coast and beyond. Along the way, she took in a show in Seattle, chillaxed in Kona and enjoyed adventures with the Kinetic crew in Scottsdale.

marketing conferences Janell – Scottsdale, AZ; Boston, MA; Manchester, NH; New York, NY; Elmira, NY
Janell skillfully combined work and fun, traveling to Boston for a touristy trip ahead of her nephew’s wedding in Manchester. A work conference provided the perfect reason to visit the Big Apple and, while she was in state, she drove up to see family and friends in her hometown of Elmira.

Josh – Disney World, FL; Austria; Germany
Josh combined work and play in Florida, attending a conference before joining friends and family to take in Disney World and Universal Studios, including the amazing Star Wars and Harry Potter attractions. And he spent two weeks with family in Germany and Austria, setting a new personal speed record on the Autobahn (before hitting the beer halls and gardens).

Katryna – Seattle, WA; Los Angeles / Disneyland, CA (x2); New York, NY; Boston, MA; Birmingham, AL; Nashville, TN; Savannah, GA; Toronto, Canada; Williams, AZ; Glacier, MT
Katryna clearly prioritized travel in 2023 with trips all over the United States. Along the way, she enjoyed her first lobster roll, saw whales, multiple museums, the Warner Bros. Studio, Disneyland and visited friends, family and clients!

Kelsea – Disney World, FL; Maui, HI; Sweden; Norway; South Africa
Kelsea shares the award for distant travel in 2023 with Ryann. She combined Disney World with a great work conference, to her kids’ delight. The kids also got to build sandcastles in Maui and experience both the cities and the wilds of South Africa including a four-day safari! A Nordic trip included a visit with college friends and a wedding celebration.

Kendra – Scottsdale, AZ; Bismarck, ND; Nashville, TN; Minneapolis, MN; Bozeman, MT
Kendra enjoyed a workcation in Scottsdale with the Kinetic crew, visited her hometown of Bismarck and attended a training conference in Nashville where Aimee wined and dined her! She also enjoyed a long birthday weekend in Minneapolis, visiting the Mall of America and Valleyfair and managed to get in a girls’ weekend getaway in Bozeman with old friends!

remote travelLinsay – Las Vegas, NV; Omaha, NE (x2); New York City, NY
Linsay hit the road this year with music in mind, catching the Taylor Swift Eras Tour in Las Vegas and Queen + Adam Lambert at Madison Square Garden. When she wasn’t dancing in the aisles, she took time to visit her sister’s family in Omaha.

Maggie – Billings, MT; Scottsdale, AZ; Los Angeles, CA; Dominican Republic
Maggie enjoyed multiple trips to Montana in 2023 for the Kinetic retreat, client planning meetings, and more! She also visited Fort Collins for a whirlwind client presentation and spent time with the Kinetic crew in Arizona and Los Angeles for a quick Disneyland trip. The pinnacle of her 2023 travels was a vacation in the Dominican Republic with her entire family (14 strong)!

Megan – Moab, UT; Flagstaff, AZ; Billings, MT; Tulsa, OK; Jefferson City, Joplin and Kansas City, MO
Megan went to Arches National Park with friends on a mountain biking adventure, skied in Flagstaff and came to see us in Billings a time or two. She also managed a trifecta in the Midwest, visiting family in Tulsa, Joplin and Kansas City over the Fourth of July. Her travel came to an abrupt end in September for the happiest of reasons: she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!

Mikaela – Scottsdale, AZ; Nashville, TN (x2); Washington, D.C.
Mikaela spent time in Scottsdale with a crew from Kinetic, traveled twice to Nashville with friends and hit D.C. for a marketing conference. She enjoyed wandering the streets of historic Georgetown on her own and discovered a small venue in Nashville (with popcorn, beer and theater seating) where a band of old timers played genuine, classic country music.

Natalie – Gilbert AZ; Charleston, SC
Natalie traveled to Gilbert more than once to spend time in the sun with her family. And a trip back east to Charleston to visit friends led to some seriously amazing food and time on the water on boats and the beach.

Paula – England; Scotland
Paula and her husband biked their way around Scotland, touring whiskey distilleries, more than a few pubs and the historic burial sites and catacombs of the Necropolis in Glasgow. They spent time in Edinburgh before embarking on a five-day bike trip from Perth to Pitlochry. Along the way, they stumbled on some incredible folk music and learned the hard way that “pants” means “underwear” in Scotland.

Best ways to spend PTORob – Camaguey, Cuba; Jackson, WY; Winifred, MT
Rob went from fly fishing camp in Cuba in May to bird / bow hunting camp in rural Montana in September, spending time outdoors with friends and one happy dog, Blue. The trip to Cuba was a first, involving world-class saltwater fishing, fine rum and cigars as well as the feeling of stepping back in time to experience the rich Cuban culture.

Rochelle – Cooke City, MT; San Diego, CA
Rochelle kept her travel simple in 2023, enjoying time with her family at their cabin near Yellowstone Park (where they witnessed a grizzly bear versus wolves standoff) and hitting all the high points on a family trip to the California coast in San Diego.

Ryann – Scottsdale & Prescott, AZ; Silverton, OR; Portland, OR; Moab, UT; Israel; Greece; Turkey
Ryann tied with Kelsea for getting the farthest afield with a trip to Israel, Greece and Turkey. When she wasn’t cruising Europe, she spent lots of time in Arizona and Oregon working remotely and having fun with friends. And she was the second Kinetic employee to visit Arches National Park in Utah!

Sam – Scottsdale, AZ; The Bahamas
The full travel list from Sam will have to wait until he returns from a cruise in the Bahamas with tales of rum and pirates, if he returns.

We hope you take some inspiration from our epic 2023 travel year and wish you an amazing year of travel in 2024. We would absolutely love to hear about your adventures close to home and far away. Don’t get us going about our 2023 travel, though — we’ll talk your ear off!

Rob Seas

Content Strategist/Copywriter

It all began with a father-son fly-fishing trip at 16 years old, and Rob was hooked on Montana. Growing up in Annapolis, Maryland, it took a little while for him to make his way here for good. But in the meantime, he graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Magazine Journalism, held a variety of editorial positions across the country and worked as a freelance web developer for companies large and small, ranging from startups to international corporations like Visa, The Nature Conservancy, and Levi Strauss & Co.

He still loves to fish – and hunt, work magic in the kitchen… and he’s an artist. All of this experience, worldliness and creativity means that Rob is an incredible Kinetic talent and invaluable asset to the team and our clients.

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