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October 13th, 2021

Marketing Automation vs. Email Service Provider (ESP)

Let’s jump right in! Email marketing is a necessity for any business looking to engage with its customers and there are a number of platforms that can be used to facilitate this strategy. But which one is right for you? Maybe you are thinking that Mailchimp or Constant Contact is going to give you the best bang for your buck… but have you thought about functionality? Enter marketing automation! It is a common misconception that marketing automation software and email marketing software platforms have more similarities than they do differences… FALSE. It is true that they both will allow you to send emails… and that is (essentially) where it ends!

You may have guessed it by now, but I am a BIG fan of marketing automation software and the immense amount of functionalities that they provide. Not only do they allow you to send emails, track engagement, build landing pages, schedule social media but they also provide you with actionable insights into your audience’s behavior allowing you to better optimize your marketing efforts from real-world data.

There are a number of talking points that we could cover here. I could write paragraph after paragraph about the benefits of leveling up your email software to a more all-encompassing option. Instead of making you read through that… the Kinetic design team opted to make a graphic that outlines the key differences — enjoy!

Visual representation of the key differences between Marketing Automation and Email Service Providers