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April 6th, 2022 4.5 minute read

Our Perfect [Marketing & Creative] Blend for City Brew Coffee

Paula Folz Writer

Ever wonder what goes into marketing and developing creative assets for a regionally beloved coffee shop and roastery? A lot.

And it’s so much fun!!

It’s not often I get to write a whole blog bragging about how amazing my job is, how great our clients are and what it’s like to buy a bag of packaged coffee and see my own words on it, or roll up to order my favorite charger and see menu boards that our own talented Gabby Althoff designed, or see beautiful photography of delectable-looking, whipped cream-topped, cinnamon sprinkled cups of coffee drink heaven and know that Kinetic Creative Director and photographer extraordinaire, Josh Wirth, took them. It’s seriously cool.Food and drink marketing collateral design for City Brew Coffee

Our partnership with City Brew Coffee began just about 12 years ago and (like all of our clients) began with strategic planning. This means we homed in on ‘the customer experience’ at every point (in store or drive through) of their interaction with the stores.

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There’s actually quite a lot that goes into this kind of customer-centric strategy. First, we crafted beautifully designed and branded point of purchase’ assets (that means all signage, gift cards, etc. at the cash register from menu boards to environmental signage like door wraps and window clings).

Design & Creative Services for ‘point of purchase’ assets: signage at the cash register, menu boards, environmental signage like door wraps and window clings, and gift cards

Then we worked into this particular strategy the need to make sure all these items were consistently branded and accounted for in each location. We’re still doing these things in more and more stores – even outside of Montana – as they’ve expanded into Idaho, North Dakota and Wyoming.

I mentioned that we design their seasonal specialty coffee bean packaging and of course, we continue to do new signage and physical marketing pieces with every campaign. Usually, these campaigns are centered around seasonal drinks and specials, for which we provide consistent, on-brand photography for each roll out. Most recently, we’ve been focused on a whole new and exciting realm as City Brew has unveiled their new app and expanded Perks Program.

As part of our efforts to help them promote their app, we’ve also developed a social media plan and have been supporting their internal marketing team in crafting compelling, animated social posts for Instagram and Facebook as well digital and display ads. There is so much room to be creative and create great content; I have to say social is totally one of my favorite things to work on with our clients.

Another one of my all-time favorite things is seeing our clients expand, thrive and do new things. Over the years, we’ve seen City Brew continue to open new stores in multiple locations, in more and more cities and even across state lines.

Coffee Package Design We love the vibe at Billings-born City Brew
We’re lucky to able to create, produce and feel real pride in City Brew’s all-encompassing promotional campaign materials, menu designs and product photography (which has actually won us two ADDY awards!). I know it sounds cliché when you hear ‘our customers’ success is our success’ – but I promise it’s true!

Interested in finding a long-term, dedicated and passionate partner in your marketing undertakings? Come talk to us! Also, if you haven’t downloaded the City Brew app yet – you should!

Paula Folz


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