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October 10th, 2023

Oh, What a ReTREAT it is!

Paula Folz Writer

A Glimpse Into Our Workplace Culture

This is Kinetic Marketing & Creative, a true Montana marketing agency, where creativity knows no bounds and our team culture is as hot as the Arizona sun! Working for a creative agency isn’t for the faint of heart — it’s a thrilling rollercoaster of deadlines, brainstorming sessions and technical execution (in a technically changing and ever-evolving world). Yet amidst the frenzy, we’ve managed to cultivate a culture that’s truly exceptional.

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The Glue That Binds Us

Yet, what sets Kinetic apart is our genuine affection for one another. We’re not just colleagues; we’re friends who celebrate each other’s victories and support each other through challenges. Our office (and our Zooms) buzz with laughter, ideas and the unmistakable hum of people who love what they do. We’ve learned that when you spend your days working alongside people you genuinely care about, work becomes something more than a job — it becomes an adventure and labor of love.

good work cultureOur Winter Escape

In the depths of a Montana winter, we decided it was time to recharge and soak up some much-needed sunshine. So, we packed our bags and headed to Scottsdale, Arizona, where we rented a vacation home that doubled as our little slice of paradise. As team members took turns working remotely, we found time to bond, share ideas and rejuvenate under the warm Arizona sun! And with our team expanding and remote work becoming the new norm, we continue to host virtual happy hours! From raising a glass to new projects to sharing stories from afar, these gatherings keep our team spirit alive, no matter where we are.

work retreatsA Retreat to Remember

Last but certainly not least, our team recently embarked on an unforgettable retreat at the Ranches at Belt Creek. It was a weekend filled with horseback riding, ATV adventures, archery and even a bit of sharpshooting with clay pigeons. Amidst the adrenaline, we savored delicious meals and indulged in the kind of conversations that can only happen when you’re in good Kinetic company.

Take time to watch how we sustain our agency culture! We take you behind the scenes of our dynamic team culture, showcasing our passion for creativity and the tight bonds that make us more than just a workplace — for us, this is of the utmost importance!

Paula Folz


She loves languages, adventure and travel. She loves to explore new perspectives and learn about diverse life experiences. Those are terrific qualities for a copywriter, and Paula Folz puts them to work for clients every day. Her decade of experience in marketing and proposal management in the architecture/engineering industry adds even more insight.

She’s excelled at copywriting for years, but with Kinetic clients, “I get to be more creative than ever before. In many ways, this is cultural tourism as I learn about incredible companies that we get to work with on a deep level.” Paula, from Casper, Wyoming, earned a BA in Spanish at the University of Wyoming, where she also did graduate studies in Communications/Marketing.

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