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The Sting Podcast Episode 2 Navi Singh

02: The Age of the Influencer

Discover a unique approach to influencer marketing with insights from Navi Singh, head of influencer marketing at Wish, who oversees nearly 2,000 micro-influencers across the globe! In this episode, you’ll hear how building authentic relationships shapes successful brand partnerships helps brands stand out against giants like Amazon & Temu.

Dana - The Sting Podcast

Our Beekeeper

Dana is a storyteller and a writer, she is also a listener and she knows how to ask the interesting questions. With a background in investigative journalism she knows that many stories take root in tragedy and grow into triumph. Dana has an instinct for finding the threads, going deeper than most and to places many wouldn’t dare. But let’s face it, she’s a bit a bee- charmer.

Dana is owner and founder of Kinetic Marketing & Creative, an agile, boutique creative agency comprised of over 20 individuals serving clients across the globe with support, consultation and award-winning creative.