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September 5th, 2023

Case Study: Traditional Advertising and Awareness Campaign


Billings Urban Indian Health and Wellness Center (BUIHWC), in collaboration with Kinetic Marketing, embarked on a strategic endeavor to enhance its brand presence and market its expanded healthcare offerings to the local community. With a focus on reaching insured pediatric patients and veterans, BUIHWC aimed to position itself as a holistic, culturally competent healthcare provider catering to diverse medical needs among the Native American population and the wider community.

commercial traditional adsActions

Our collaborative journey with BUIHWC began with a profound discovery session, where our team engaged in a comprehensive exploration to deeply understand the clinic’s essence, patients and unique needs. This process was driven by a dual commitment: to create a marketing campaign that not only conveyed BUIHWC’s healthcare offerings but also remained culturally sensitive, resonating authentically with its diverse audience. We delved into the heart of BUIHWC’s mission, aiming to craft an advertising campaign that not only met the medical needs of its patients but also embraced their cultural identity and values. This approach ensured that every message, visual and touchpoint carried the genuine essence of BUIHWC, fostering a strong and meaningful connection with the community it serves.

bench adsBench Ads

To generate awareness and attract insured patients to BUIHWC, Kinetic Marketing designed bench ads that were strategically placed across Billings. The ads highlighted BUIHWC’s commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services, including expanded pediatric and veteran offerings. By showcasing the clinic’s proximity to St. Vincent’s Hospital and the Children’s Clinic, BUIHWC aimed to establish itself as a convenient and trusted medical resource for insured patients.

Radio Ads

Two radio ads were meticulously crafted by Kinetic Marketing, targeting pediatric clients and veterans. Each 30-second ad emphasized BUIHWC’s key selling points, such as the partnership with the VA, mental health services, acceptance of all insurance including Medicaid, holistic care, and the presence of an insurance navigator on-site. These ads aimed to convey BUIHWC’s dedication to providing prompt and comprehensive care to insured patients.

TV Ads

Complementing the radio ads, Kinetic Marketing wrote and produced two 30-second television commercials targeting pediatric clients and veterans. We were on-site to provide art and creative direction as well as to facilitate the filming process in a sensitive healthcare environment. These ads visually conveyed BUIHWC’s holistic approach to healthcare, highlighting its commitment to mind, body and spirit wellness. The commercials underscored BUIHWC’s role as a place where Native people could receive culturally sensitive care while showcasing its expanded pediatric and veteran services.


The collaboration between BUIHWC and Kinetic Marketing yielded significant results:

Increased Awareness: The bench ads positioned BUIHWC as a convenient healthcare option in the local community, attracting the attention of insured patients seeking pediatric and veteran services.

Enhanced Visibility: Radio ads effectively communicated BUIHWC’s key selling points, making insured patients aware of the holistic care offered and the presence of insurance assistance on-site.

Commercial adsCultural Sensitivity: The TV ads resonated with the target audience, showcasing BUIHWC as a place where Native people could receive culturally sensitive care that acknowledged the importance of their culture in the healing process.

The collaborative efforts between BUIHWC and Kinetic Marketing have yielded significant and successful outcomes, including increased awareness, enhanced visibility and a strong emphasis on cultural sensitivity. By strategically targeting insured pediatric patients and veterans, BUIHWC positioned itself as a holistic healthcare provider that
understood the unique needs of its diverse clientele.

Learn more about Kinetic’s capabilities for traditional advertising and awareness campaign. Download a PDF of this case study here.