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September 7th, 2023

Case Study: Comprehensive Sales Strategy, Consultation and Execution


The City of Billings embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its advertising endeavors, aiming to boost revenue, engage the local community and elevate its status as a vibrant destination.

Collaborating with Kinetic Marketing, the city pursued a comprehensive strategy to strengthen and revitalize its messaging, awareness and advertising generation for MET Transit and to maximize advertising opportunities at Billings Logan International Airport (BIL). With Kinetic’s strategic approach, we worked together to unleash the full potential of both entities, fostering economic growth and community engagement across the region.


Social Media Management

Our journey began by revolutionizing BIL’s social media presence. With a comprehensive strategy that encompassed all major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, we leveraged the power of these digital channels to captivate local residents, potential travelers and key industry professionals. Through engaging content, thoughtfully crafted messages and strategic targeting, we expanded BIL’s reach and engagement, setting the stage for increased visibility and brand recognition.

social media strategy

In our time managing social media for BIL:


  • Impressions increased by 53%
  • Reach increased by 56.7%
  • Comments increased by 241%
  • Shares increased by 200%!


  • Impressions increased by 97.1%
  • New followers increased by 120%
  • Engagement increased by 136%

Custom Photography and Video Reels

We recognized that visuals speak volumes and drive engagement. By capturing the airport’s stunning transformation and showcasing its modern amenities and inviting atmosphere, we brought the BIL experience to life for online audiences. Kinetic created custom photography and video reels to showcase across social media platforms. These visuals not only ignited interest but also played a vital role in conceptualizing innovative interior design concepts, optimizing underutilized spaces and introducing new revenue-generating opportunities.

Billings Logan International Airport Advertising Opportunities

For BIL, Kinetic Marketing executed a multifaceted approach, focusing on bolstering the airport’s visibility through social media management, captivating visuals and innovative interior design concepts. Additionally, a tailored sales strategy was devised to cater to the airport’s specific needs. This strategy identified target customers for each advertising space, unlocking new potential and spaces for revenue generation. To complement this, a comprehensive Sales Toolkit was developed to facilitate engaging potential advertisers, providing them with detailed information about available spaces, pricing, benefits and distinctive features.

best advertising strategiesMET Transit Sales Toolkit

Kinetic Marketing closely collaborated with MET Transit, crafting a dynamic Sales Toolkit to empower the sales team. This resource-rich toolkit was designed to effectively communicate the value of advertising on MET Transit’s benches, digital displays, and bus wraps. By highlighting the reach and engagement potential of these advertising spaces, the toolkit empowered MET Transit’s team to persuasively convey the benefits to local businesses, resulting in increased investments in advertising.

sales toolkitSuccess

Together, these strategic initiatives have propelled Billings Logan International Airport into a new era of growth, revenue generation and heightened visibility. We have fostered increased engagement among target audiences, forged valuable industry partnerships, and established the BIL and MET brands as distinct players in the competitive aviation and transportation landscape.

Through collaborative efforts between the City of Billings and Kinetic Marketing, advertising initiatives for MET Transit and Billings Logan International Airport have achieved remarkable success. This partnership has unlocked untapped potential, new streams of revenue and increased engagement across the region.

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