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September 11th, 2023

Unleash Your Growth Potential with Onna!

In the dynamic realm of marketing, the race to stay ahead necessitates strategic prowess. Annual planning and a campaign-centric approach are your compasses for growth, helping you effectively align business goals with marketing tactics. Join us as we unravel the significance of budget allocation and how it can supercharge your marketing efforts.

Annual Planning as the Foundation for Success

Annual planning is the bedrock of a successful marketing strategy. By mapping out your marketing goals, understanding market trends and targeting your audience, you lay a strong foundation.

The Passion Behind the Expertise: Meet Onna!

Our esteemed Strategic Director, Onna Cunningham, brings over 15 years of experience to Kinetic clients and partners. With a focus on growth marketing in the SaaS and enterprise landscape, Onna understands the pivotal role that annual planning and budget allocation play in driving ROI and business success. When you watch her webinar, you’ll be diving into the essentials of annual planning and uncover how it guides your marketing journey. (Plus, not only is she brilliant, she’s adorable and hilarious!)

Campaign-Centric Marketing: Personalized Engagement for Maximum Impact

Campaign-centric marketing is the heart of personalized engagement. When you watch Onna’s webinar you’ll learn how to craft campaigns that resonate deeply with your audience, connecting you on a meaningful level. Onna breaks down the core elements of campaign-centric marketing, from personalized messaging to dynamic segmentation and channel selection.

budgeting for success

The Perfect Equation: Aligning Goals, Strategies and Budgets!

Discover the golden rule of allocating budgets: dedicate 10% of your operating budget to marketing initiatives for measurable growth. However, you’ll see that Onna’s equation goes way beyond simple budget allocation. It encapsulates the essence of a comprehensive strategy. It’s a call to align your goals, strategies and budgets — ensuring every marketing dollar is invested wisely. And it speaks to the importance of investing in the right tools, like personalization technology, to craft tailored messages that resonate with your audience and emphasizes the significance of testing and optimization, fine-tuning your strategies for maximum efficiency. And let’s not forget the critical aspect of tracking ROI and leveraging analytics to gain insights that refine your approach!

Onna’s equation is a testament to the fact that successful marketing isn’t just about spending money — it’s about investing it intelligently. It’s about understanding that marketing success is the result of a strategic blend of planning, execution and analysis. By adopting this equation, businesses can navigate the complexities of the marketing landscape with confidence, making every initiative a step towards measurable growth.

A Winning Combo: Annual Planning, Campaign-Centric Marketing and Personalization!

With the combination of annual planning, campaign-centric marketing and personalized experiences, you’re set to conquer the performance marketing landscape.

Campaign-Centric Marketing

Crafting Personalized Messages for Maximum Impact

Campaign-centric marketing is the art of creating tailored and resonant campaigns that bridge the gap between your brand and your audience. It’s about understanding that every individual is unique and catering your messages to speak directly to their needs, desires and pain points. Onna dives into the core elements of campaign-centric messaging, offering a blueprint for crafting campaigns that leave a lasting impact.

Personalized Messaging

At the heart of campaign-centric marketing lies personalized messaging. This isn’t just about inserting a recipient’s name into an email; it’s about understanding their preferences, behaviors and challenges. By crafting messages that directly address these aspects, you’re not just talking at your audience — you’re engaging in a meaningful conversation.

Dynamic Segmentation

Everyone knows that one size doesn’t fit all in marketing! Dynamic segmentation involves categorizing your audience based on various criteria such as demographics, behavior and preferences. Onna explains how to divide your audience into distinct segments and tailor your campaigns to each segment’s unique characteristics to make sure that your messages resonate deeply, making your audience feel understood and valued.

Channel Selection

Not all channels are created equal either, and not all channels are suitable for every message. Onna delves into the significance of selecting the right channels for your campaign-centric messages. Whether it’s social media, email marketing or other avenues, choosing the most effective channel ensures that your message reaches your audience in the right context.

Crafting a Campaign-Centric Approach

Whats more, you’ll see that campaign-centric messaging isn’t just a tactic — it’s a mindset! Onna illustrates how to build campaigns around specific objectives and outcomes. By aligning your messages with the goals of each campaign, you create a seamless narrative that guides your audience through their journey, from awareness to conversion.

Embrace the Journey!

The path to marketing success lies in embracing annual planning, campaign-centric marketing, and personalized strategies. Uncover the secrets to creating meaningful connections, achieving business growth and cultivating brand loyalty. Step into Onna’s world of expertise and unleash your marketing potential for unmatched results.

Explore the full potential of marketing success — dive into Onna’s insights and unveil the magic of strategic budgeting that propels your business forward!