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September 15th, 2023

Cracking the Code to the Consumer Mind

Dana Pulis Owner and Principal

In the rapidly evolving landscape of business, staying ahead of the curve requires a deep understanding of customer behavior and market dynamics. Enter Dana Pulis, the visionary Owner and Principal of Kinetic Marketing & Creative. With her keen insights and innovative approach, Dana has navigated the complexities of the modern economy, leading her company to new heights of success. Recently, she shared her expertise in a captivating webinar that sheds light on the necessity of primary research in today’s economy.

The Shifting Sands of Customer Behavior

Gone are the days when traditional market research techniques sufficed. The current economic and market overview demands a deeper understanding of customer behavior. Customers are no longer looking for just a product or service; they’re seeking experiences that align with their needs and aspirations. This shift calls for a dynamic approach to research that goes beyond surface-level interactions.

From “What Do You Want?” to Unveiling Hidden Desires

In the past, brands often relied on surveys, focus groups and interviews centered around asking customers what they wanted. Questions like, “What was your favorite feature of the product?” or “What improvements would you like to see?” were commonplace. However, this approach has its limitations. Customers might not accurately express their desires, struggling to articulate what truly matters to them.

Take, for instance, the rise of the iPhone. Before its launch, not many people could have described their desire for such a device. This highlights the fact that customers often don’t know what they want until they see it.

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Understanding Your Customer: The True Challenge

One of the biggest hurdles in effective market research is assuming you already know your customers. But do you really? Do you understand their daily lives, challenges, dreams and aspirations? Knowing your customers deeply is essential for crafting offerings that resonate with them. It’s not enough to gather surface-level data; you need insights that allow you to create a value proposition that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Unlocking the Power of Primary Research

Two primary research models emerge as game-changers in this context: “The Life of Your Customer” and “Proof of Concept.”

The Life of Your Customer Model

This model involves stepping into your customer’s shoes through one-on-one qualitative and quantitative interviews. You can identify their needs and pain points by understanding their hopes, dreams, daily struggles and aspirations. This approach is particularly useful when you want a deeper understanding of your customer, need to rethink your offerings or when your brand’s market share is at risk.

Proof of Concept Model

In this model, the focus shifts to testing new ideas, concepts, or offerings. Through one-on-one interviews with representative customers, the goal is to prove your business model’s effectiveness, desirability, trustworthiness, intent, messaging or positioning. This model is ideal when your company introduces new concepts, repositions itself, or wishes to test a campaign’s effectiveness.

The Synergy of Understanding and Validation

The synergy between these two research models is crucial for creating a solid strategy. The “Life of a Customer” model helps you deeply understand your customers and craft a competitive value position and business concept. On the other hand, the “Proof of Concept” model validates the effectiveness and desirability of your ideas, ensuring that your messaging and concepts resonate with customers.

The Components of Effective Consumer Insight Research

A successful consumer insight research process involves several components:

  • Thoughtful research design
  • A diverse mix of participants
  • Well-prepared moderator guides
  • Concept boards to illustrate ideas
  • Trained interviewers
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Comprehensive reporting of findings

Market research isn’t just a box to check in today’s rapidly evolving economy. It’s a dynamic process that holds the key to sustained success. By embracing primary research models that focus on understanding customers’ lives and validating concepts, businesses can navigate the challenges of the modern market, stand out from the competition and continue to innovate in ways that resonate with their target audience.

Watch the Webinar Today!

You’re in luck if you missed the live webinar or wish to revisit its enlightening content. The recording of Dana’s insightful presentation is now available for viewing. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner, or a curious mind interested in the dynamics of the modern economy, Dana’s expertise offers a wealth of knowledge to propel your strategies. Uncover the secrets to staying relevant, mitigating risks, fostering customer loyalty and embracing innovation.

Check out the webinar and prepare to embark on a journey of transformational insights.

Dana Pulis

Owner and Principal

Since launching Kinetic in 2007 from her heart and the living room of her Billings home, Dana Pulis has focused on moving businesses forward through creative marketing communications. Her intense focus has produced amazing results for a long list of local, regional and national clients. That focus has dramatically grown Kinetic from a local firm to a national agency that has won awards against some of the largest ad agencies in the country.

Dana is a nationally-known marketing expert. She’s an award-winning writer, accomplished public speaker and respected business leader. She recruits top pros – account directors and project managers looking for the next challenge, and designers and writers looking to push their creative boundaries.

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