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Pomona Farming approached Kinetic with the need for visually compelling, easily navigated and managed website development and custom photography. While the website was in development, our team traveled to California for a two-day photoshoot to capture shots such as farms and fields, the products, people working and more. The outcome was a library of vibrant photos to support the website and future brand collateral.

Pomona Farming’s mission is to grow safe, clean, nutritious food through ethical, transparent and sustainable methods. The company manages more than 47,000 acres of almond orchards in California’s Central Valley and also farms olives, raisins, wine grapes and various tree nuts.


Pomona Farming's website designed by Kinetic

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One aspect of the website we continue to support today is the storytelling that can be done to position Pomona Farming as a leader in large-scale responsible farming. We write blogs on a monthly basis to post on the website and promote via social media and email.

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Shots provided by on site photography by Kinetic's team

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