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In 2018, the organization recognized the need to reevaluate branding to ensure it was positioned for the future. It was determined that the former name, St. John’s Lutheran Ministries, no longer reflected who they serve or what they do. Services had expanded beyond seniors to include the full arc of life, from birth to end of life.They set out to find a name that better articulates who they are today and engaged Kinetic to execute a comprehensive St. John’s United rebranding.

For more than half a century, St. John’s United has served the Billings community and Montana in the areas of life that matter – home, health and family. Perhaps most well known for its senior living communities, St. John’s United also offers health and wellness services, childcare, adoption services and more.


We executed a comprehensive St. John’s United rebranding effort, which included a new name, logo, tagline and messaging development. Brand launch efforts included a press release, newspaper ad, brand release video, updated website and a new brand and services booklet.

Brand Release Video

Newspaper Ad

Offerings Booklet


Photos of St. John's United patreons and staff taken by Kinetic.



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