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Cox’s Honey was founded in Orderville, Utah in 1880 and later moved to Shelley, Idaho where the business operates today. This company produces natural, raw honey free of added flavors or filler ingredients like fructose, agave or corn syrup. The fourth-generation family-owned business sells raw honey via its website and at businesses throughout Idaho and Utah.

The Cox team recognized an opportunity to update its product packaging and brand messaging to better communicate its value, brand story and differentiators. The first step in the process was the client discovery meeting. The Kinetic team headed to Shelley, Idaho to meet the client, capture the complete picture of the business and products and answer critical questions. From there, we developed new brand messaging and updated brand design elements including refreshing the logo.

Brand Stylescape

Cox's Honey Brand Stylescape

Additional initiatives included setting up the client on SharpSpring, a software tool that streamlines, automates and measures marketing tasks and workflows. Cox’s Honey not only utilizes the marketing automation side of SharpSpring but also the CRM side to track e-commerce interactions. Kinetic also audited the company’s packaging, strategized messaging hierarchy and provided updated templates.

Logo Redesign

Cox's Honey Logo Redesign completed by Kinetic

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