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March 15th, 2023

Case Study: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Launch Campaign


The Billings Chamber of Commerce is one of the most influential organizations in Billings, Montana. They approached Kinetic with the goal of implementing the DEI Network launch, which embodies diversity, equity and inclusivity work. This work lays the foundation for businesses to be change agents as they search for ways to stay ahead in this competitive environment. Offering businesses the tools they need to intentionally welcome people from all backgrounds. Kinetic’s mission is to thoroughly develop and position the Billings Chamber brand and website to achieve their goals of diversity and inclusion within the Billings community.

DEI Network LaunchActions

The Kinetic workflow was to conduct a full, comprehensive discovery to capture the complete picture of the brand’s expected capabilities, structure and vision. Kinetic developed brand messaging to clearly define the DEI brand by focusing on messaging, value position, tone, tenor and brand voice, while also incorporating visuals through website concept and design. Kinetic also proposed five projects to be executed for the development of the DEI brand. Key projects include naming and logo concepts, brand messaging and development and website development, while proposed supporting projects include primary research and brand collateral. Kinetic built the website through wireframing, writing captivating copy and designing creative images in a customized premium WordPress theme, resulting in a functional website that illustrates a cohesive brand.

DEI Logo, and BrandingResults

Kinetic fulfilled the Billings Chamber’s goals by launching a successful DEI program that resulted in
the creation of a modern, professional website that served as a digital platform for the DEI target
audience to validate brand legitimacy, learn about the business toolkit and discover valuable
community resources. Kinetic excelled at creating logo concepts, brand messaging and a fully
comprehensive website that will serve as a digital resource for the DEI brand, giving the community
an online presence for interested community members. Ultimately, Kinetic provided the Billings
Chamber with a DEI Network launch that exemplified diversity, equity and inclusivity through a
consistent expression of brand messaging and visuals.

DEI New website

Let Kinetic build your new brand or DEI program. Download a PDF of this case study here.