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April 10th, 2024


Building on the momentum of our successful brand refresh and comprehensive brand launch campaign for Let’s Go Aero, we joined forces again to further invigorate their brand and drive sales of specific products (to meet specific goals).

Targeting outdoor-loving families and mature adventurers, Kinetic’s digital experts and social strategists knew what needed to be done to bolster their digital presence and help them to engage with their audience more effectively. With a focus on expanding reach and showcasing their truly innovative range of outdoor lifestyle products (including silent hitch pins, trailers and bike racks) we kicked off an exciting, targeted paid media campaign.

The objective was to leverage digital advertising platforms to connect with a broader audience of adventure enthusiasts and highlight the unique features and benefits of their products in compelling ways.

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The Kinetic team developed a strategic paid media plan tailored to Let’s Go Aero’s objectives. Leveraging the insights gained from the brand refresh, we conducted competitor research, audited the Let’s Go Aero social audience and were able to implement a mix of behavioral and interest targeting, along with retargeting strategies for users with abandoned carts. The campaign spanned across social media, search engines and display advertising to maximize brand visibility and drive sales.

Key products such as the Little Giant Trailer, TreeHaus Camper and V-Lectric eBike Rack were promoted directly to consumers through targeted ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram. Quarterly reviews ensured the campaign aligned with Let’s Go Aero’s objectives, while monthly analytics reports provided valuable insights for continuous optimization.


  • Audience Segmentation
    We identified specific audience segments, such as outdoor enthusiasts, cyclists and families, to tailor our messaging and targeting
  • Creative Development
    Our team designed eye-catching ads that showcased the versatility and quality of Let’s Go Aero’s products, resonating with the adventurous spirit of our target audience
  • Cross-Platform Strategy
    By diversifying our ad placements across multiple platforms, we ensured a broad reach and multiple touchpoints with potential customers
  • Performance Analytics
    Real-time monitoring and analysis of campaign data allowed us to make informed adjustments, improving ad performance and ROI


The paid media campaign for Let’s Go Aero was a resounding success, resulting in increased brand visibility, higher website traffic and a significant boost in sales. The strategic targeting and compelling ad creative resonated with the target audience, leading to higher engagement rates and a strong return on investment.

  • Google Ads: Achieved 58 purchases totaling $22,270.52, with an exceptional ROI of 116.58%. The campaign garnered 3,301,050 impressions and 46,550 clicks, resulting in a CTR of 1.41% and a low CPC of $0.22.
  • Facebook and Instagram: Generated 33,764 clicks with a high CTR of 3.95% and a CPC of $0.26. The campaign facilitated 563 add-to-carts valued at $1,815,480.51 and 144 checkouts initiated valued at $527,499.04.

This campaign drove sales and reinforced Let’s Go Aero’s brand identity as a leader in outdoor adventure equipment, building on the foundation established in the brand refresh and comprehensive brand launch.

Let’s Go Aero’s investment in paid media has paved the way for continued growth and market expansion, solidifying its position as a leader in the outdoor lifestyle products industry. Download the case study here.


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