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March 3rd, 2024

Case Study: Paid Search and Social Campaign Execution


Recreational Adventures Company (RAC) stands as the single largest KOA Campground Franchisee, and its enduring partnership with the Kinetic team has been pivotal to its success. As a premier provider of camping and outdoor recreational experiences, RAC recognizes the significance of a robust digital presence.

As a uniquely agile boutique creative agency, Kinetic’s expertise in creating compelling campaigns and data-driven optimization, has been the bedrock of some of RAC’s recent accomplishments in the digital realm. In this increasingly competitive landscape, RAC recognized the need to more fully capitalize on the potential of digital marketing to amplify its brand visibility and boost campground bookings.

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Paid Social Campaign

Kinetic’s strategic and digital prowess came to the forefront as we launched an impeccable paid social campaign to connect with the target audience. Utilizing captivating ad copy and visually appealing creatives, they struck a chord with potential customers, instilling a sense of wanderlust and excitement for the camping experience that awaited them at RAC’s campgrounds.

To maximize the campaign’s impact, Kinetic employed a multi-channel approach, encompassing the most effective social media platforms for recreational-focused content, Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, Kinetic created a retargeting audience based on the users who had reached the checkout phase but did not convert. This tactic saw an overall increase of website reservations.

This combination of engaging content and precise targeting resulted in a compelling customer journey that drove clicks, conversions, and ultimately, reservation bookings.

Paid Search Campaign

Kinetic’s digital expertise shone once again in devising an effective paid search campaign strategy for RAC. Meticulous keyword research and bid management allowed Kinetic to position RAC’s ads prominently on relevant search engine results pages, capturing the attention of users actively seeking camping experiences.

By optimizing the ad messaging and incorporating ad extensions, Kinetic enhanced ad visibility and enticed users with relevant information, driving click-through rates and engagements. As with the paid social campaign, rigorous data tracking and analysis were at the core of Kinetic’s approach, allowing them to fine-tune the campaign based on real-time insights.

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Data-driven Results

Kinetic’s dedication to staying ahead of the latest industry trends and search engine algorithms proved invaluable in optimizing ad performance continually. This resulted in an impressive surge in reservation bookings for RAC through the paid search campaign, further solidifying the partnership’s success.

The outcomes of the two digital campaigns have been nothing short of exceptional:

Paid Social Campaign

  • 3,291 reservation bookings were generated, amounting to a total value of $882,488.31.
  • The campaign resulted in an investment gain of $835,527.49.
  • The Overall Return on Investment (ROI) Achieved an Astonishing 1,779.20%.

Paid Search Campaign

  • 8,653 reservation bookings were generated, totaling $1,908,164.34 in value.
  • The campaign yielded an investment gain of $1,886,911.58.
  • The ROI achieved an impressive 8,878.43%. Both digital campaigns combined resulted in a total of 2,376 booked reservations, valued at over half a million dollars and produced an incredible investment gain of $510,991.25.

Both digital campaigns combined resulted in a total of 11,944 booked reservations, valued at over two and a half million dollars and produced an incredible investment gain of $2,722,439.07.

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Major Success and We’re Just Getting Started…

Throughout the entire process, Kinetic demonstrated its industry-leading expertise in the digital marketing domain. Our digital team’s commitment to continuous improvement and data-driven insights ensured that the campaign remained agile and responsive. As a result, these paid social campaigns continue to consistently exceed industry benchmarks, yield remarkable outcomes, drive significant bookings and have proven to be an extraordinary return on investment.

Learn more about Kinetic’s capabilities and contact us for marketing assistance. Download a PDF of this case study here.