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July 12th, 2021

Case Study: Social Media Strategy and Execution

Social media is a powerful tool for business, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Kinetic’s social media strategy and execution is producing for our clients on a daily basis. Our team is constantly up-leveling our clients’ pages. Check out our case study below.


KOA’s largest franchisee, RAC, operates 13 campgrounds from West Virginia to the Washington coast. Each of these destinations individually posted to Facebook and Instagram, and while gaining solid followings from those who already frequented their locations, RAC realized they needed a cohesive strategy to reach a broader audience and promote further awareness of the diverse seasonal offerings, distinct amenities and unique local attractions. 


Working closely with leadership, Kinetic developed a comprehensive social media strategy for RAC as well as customized content calendars for individual campgrounds. Presently, we continue to craft and execute targeted campaigns for specific campgrounds promoting themed weekends, special promotions and campground highlights through on-brand digital campaigns that include social ads, boosted posts, paid search and display ads. 


Since engaging Kinetic, RAC messaging and marketing strategies have seen an evolution; they are highly strategic and both more proactive and responsive to the real-time needs of current and potential campers. Our close partnership has resulted in compelling cross-platform, digital marketing campaigns that see tangible, ongoing results. Collaborating with RAC’s in-house marketing director, we helped them to understand and implement social media ‘best practices’ to up-level their internal efforts. RAC has enjoyed increased followers, more engagement and a measurable bump in campground reservations.

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