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August 29th, 2016

Dana Pulis: An Exceptional Woman

Her colleagues and clients know that Kinetic founder and principal Dana Pulis is outstanding.

Now others are in the know.

Dana has been recognized as one of Billings’ 20 Exceptional Women for 2016 by The Billings Gazette. In a special section in the Aug. 28 Gazette, the 20 honorees were profiled by Gazette Editor Darrell Ehrlick.

The story is headlined, “Striving for ‘greater than’ every day.” It begins, “Dana Pulis doesn’t just talk about culture. She invests in it. And that investment has paid dividends greater than what can be seen on a balance sheet.”

“Sure, she created Kinetic, a comprehensive communications and marketing agency that has grown from a table in her living room to an expanding downtown Billings business.”

“She does what many companies talk about but fewer do — truly invest in culture. That means job coaches, teambuilding excursions as well as encouragement for personal wellness. Her employees have gym memberships. The office refrigerator isn’t stocked with a hodgepodge of forgotten containers of leftovers, rather healthy food and drinks for employees to enjoy.”

“The office culture never worked for anyone,” Pulis said. “You’re living with the people you work with for nine hours a day. What happens if you feel like they’re your friends and you’re supported by them? That sounds like a lovely mantra, but I have very specifically invested in culture.”

“To the tune of tens of thousands of dollars per year. That investment has seen Kinetic grow to a $2.5 million company in just a little less than 10 years.”

Click to read the Gazette’s full story here.

Dana’s Kinetic teammates congratulate her!