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March 18th, 2022

Does Your Brand Need a Refresh?

Why might you need to refresh your brand?

A brand, just like a person, is an ever-evolving creature. It is not frozen in time. It is born, grows up and matures. Most brands eventually pass away. The good ones last for decades and have a spot reserved in brand heaven. Others, not so much. They disappear with nary a tear shed.

Most brands are launched after careful thought, detailed planning, thorough research and vigorous debate. They are launched with fanfare, guided by a strategic vision to go forth to win market share, connect with customers or stakeholders, grow stronger over time and do great things.

And then things change.

The brand evolves. The market shifts. New competitors appear. Customers’ tastes go in a different direction. Communities where we live and the world around us keep swirling with new technology, new relationships, new products, new trends and new challenges.

Long before a brand is in danger of becoming irrelevant, it will lose momentum. It will be taken for granted. It won’t be special or essential. It will be emotionless. It just sits there. Then it will begin losing market share. Then look out.

Prepare for the hard work

Rebranding is hard. It is so much more than rolling out a new logo or spiffing up your old one. It is more than crafting a new slogan or tagline. Don’t get us wrong. New logos, taglines, colors, slogans and campaigns can be a huge part of a successful rebranding initiative. But if that’s all you do, you’ve lost the war before engaging in the battle.

If you believe that your company needs new messaging to put it in a new light, develop a plan. A detailed plan. A rebrand can excite existing customers. It’ll jog their memories. They’ll remember why they keep choosing your brand over others. They’ll feel appreciated. It engages them and they’ll feel rewarded for their loyalty.Whatever you do, back up your message. If you are making a new claim of quality, suggesting that one or all of your products or services are new or improved, you’ve got to prove it. If you don’t, customers will see through you. Your promises are empty. You’ll turn existing customers off. You’ll get hammered on social media. New customers will find other options to explore.

Tips from the experts

So, as you consider refreshing your brand, revamping your image, we respectfully offer a few suggestions to keep in mind.

  • You’ve got to offer quality products. No rebranding can cover up for a decline in quality.
  • You’ve got to meet customer demands, and customers grow more demanding every day.
  • Product design changes should show a fresh side but not abandon your history.
  • About that history: Celebrate it, but recognize that things must change to meet new expectations of customers.
  • Packaging upgrades can freshen up a familiar favorite. And they can confuse loyalists.
  • Improving your product? By all means, shout about it.
  • Support the brand by jettisoning products that don’t reflect today’s message.
  • Remove barriers to positive change, be it company leaders, marketers, structures or products.
  • Listen to your customers – and those who don’t shop with you. Today’s social media is full of feedback – some of it painful – about your services and products. Pay attention to what the public says.
  • What sets you apart from the competition – something customers can’t get anywhere else? What can you introduce that sets you apart?

As you evolve as an organization and offer new services and products, or chart a slightly different course, you need to evolve your brand, too. It must change so you can speak more clearly to your customers and connect with new ones.

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Editor’s note: This post was originally published October 2, 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.