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July 8th, 2024

From Canada with Love

Bio-K+ (Kinetic) brings the Gut-revolution to the U.S.

We Kinetickers are pretty darn lucky. Every day, we get to work with an incredible range of clients across various industries. From small businesses to large corporations, each project brings its own level of excitement and reward — and a lot of it is the thrill of truly getting to know different business models, learning the ins and outs of their worlds and then going further to concoct creative strategies to support their growth. But last year, we all had the “gut” feeling we were about to do something spectacular… and then we met Bio-K+.

Bio-K+, based in the beautiful city of Montreal, is a probiotic leader in the Canadian market, potentially as well known there as Align or Culturelle are here. Renowned for their clinically-tested, science-backed probiotic products, they have been a trusted name in gut health for decades, going back to the 90s when they discovered three remarkably effective and unique probiotic strains. Then, in 2013 Health Canada even approved the Bio-K+ formula to help prevent C. difficile infections, a world first.

If you couldn’t tell, here at Kinetic, we are all-in on Bio-K+ 

… so this opportunity to spearhead their U.S. launch has been one of the most exciting things for us! We were tasked with developing a comprehensive, research-driven marketing campaign to introduce Bio-K+ to a wider U.S. audience and showcase the incredible benefits of their products. 

And we went all out for this launch! 

Gut Real with Bio-K+

We developed a campaign theme and messaging, executed a custom photo shoot, took on a comprehensive digital campaign and are currently concepting a campaign video. We covered every angle with social ads, paid search ads and more, all aimed at making Bio-K+ a household name in the U.S. 

We created over 200 eye-catching and engaging assets for various media channels. From brand awareness to product-specific ads, we handled everything: conceptualization, copywriting, graphic design and working with our digital team, we made sure every piece was perfectly optimized for its platform.

Picture Perfect

Our beautiful photography captured the essence of Bio-K+, but in order to do this, we researched, reviewed and vetted models who would connect best with our target audiences.

Next came our influencer marketing strategy, which was another critical component of the campaign. After some (MORE!) serious research, we developed a detailed plan to get influencers talking about Bio-K+ in ways that would reinforce their brand, our messaging and the ’Gut Real’ campaign in authentic and impactful ways. The strategy also included podcast recommendations to broaden the reach.

Working with Bio-K+ has been nothing less than awesome. From comprehensive market research to creating engaging content to, honestly, just working with their amazing team, every aspect of this project has been enlightening and creatively exhilarating. We love that we have this opportunity to support them, and we can’t wait to see how Bio-K+’s premium probiotic products will continue to benefit more people (just as they have for us at Kinetic!). 

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