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July 3rd, 2023

Insights from the 2023 Marketing Brew Summit

Onna Cunningham Strategic Director

Hi there! At Kinetic, we’re always game for communing with our fellow marketing colleagues and gathering insights from industry best practices, and today we have some exciting bits of information to share from the recent 2023 Marketing Brew Summit in NYC. This event brought together industry leaders who spilled the beans on the latest marketing trends. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive into the highlights!

1. Let’s Dive into Data

The summit was all about harnessing the power of data for smarter marketing decisions. Speakers emphasized the importance of continuous learning, experimenting and scoring audiences daily. It’s like unlocking a treasure trove of insights to guide our investments wisely.

2. Context is King

Say goodbye to cookies and hello to contextual advertising! This approach, highlighted by industry experts, is like finding the perfect match for your audience. Using AI to enhance keyword matching and create contextual models helps us reach customers during their research phase. It’s like speaking their language and showing up right when they need us.

3. Trust and Creativity will always be the Marker of a Great Brand

Building trust and delivering value are the key ingredients for marketing success. The speakers encouraged us to listen to our users, have genuine conversations and align visions. Plus, they reminded us to unleash our creativity, using data as our ally. Let’s create experiences that leave a lasting impression!

So, there you have it — data-driven decision making, contextual magic and the power of trust and creativity.

We are applying these insights from the Marketing Brew Summit in our ever-changing marketing landscape with a mind toward analytics and an eye for unparalleled creative.

Onna Cunningham

Strategic Director

Meet Onna Cunningham! This amazing lady grew up in Alabama, has her Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and embodies a true entrepreneurial spirit. Prior to joining us, she founded two separate companies and led both through impressive agency growth as both the owner and Chief Marketing Officer. She also brings 15 years of experience, account direction expertise and marketing savvy to all of her Kinetic clients… and not only that, she is absolutely delightful! Onna loves to travel, devours books and is also the lucky mom of 12-year-old Poppy and 7-year-old Soren. She is curious, tenacious and mindful (bringing all of these characteristics to every project she leads on behalf of her clients). And she’s not afraid of anything except maybe what Soren’s up to now… as she says “he takes on the world, very literally, headfirst.”

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