You have business challenges and opportunities. . . we have solutions. We shape them, we plan them, we strategize around them. How do we do it? We have specific methods that help us get to the heart of matters and find solutions you’ll love.

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    • Strategize
    • Research
    • Create
    • Execute
    • Measure


    You’ll hear us talk about strategy, a lot. We incorporate strategic thinking from start to finish and believe it is the backbone of all marketing and advertising efforts. Our marketing strategies create alignment, save you money, and bring your business goals into focus. We boil your options down into a fine-tuned strategy so you know where your customers are and how and when you should be in front of them.

    01 - Strategize


    Once a strategy is set, research is the next – and one of the most important steps. Our competitive analysis, combined with information we gather from our clients and their customers, creates a clear understanding of where your marketing plan currently is, and where it needs to go moving forward.

    02 - Research


    This is where the artistry of marketing comes in. We combine strategy and research to inform insightful creative products. Whether these become the creative components of a brand, website or product packaging, our designers and writers always arc back to the research and the goals to ensure their creative meets strategic criteria. Clients receive regular updates and rounds of creative feedback to ensure their level of involvement meets their needs.

    03 - Create


    We provide campaign management that thoughtfully identifies success and appropriate targets with applicable positioning in the marketplace. This is the exciting part – our clients begin to see how their marketing plan is rolled out. We’re not pouring the champagne just yet though. We stay in touch to keep you apprised of updates and progress.

    04 - Execute


    Measuring the execution of your marketing strategy is one of the most vital pieces of this process. We work with the client to establish needs surrounding their goals and provide reporting that details out KPIs and insights specific to each campaign. Regular status updates to discuss overall marketing strategy and specific project progress and allows both a high-level and boots-on-the-ground status report approach. When we partner with a client, we sign up for the outcomes.

    05 - Measure

    Why Kinetic always starts
    with strategy.

    Any business investment worth spending money on requires a highly researched and developed strategy. It’s the only way to remove the guesswork and wasted resources while putting the focus on the company’s ultimate goals. Kinetic always starts with a roadmap to ensure our creative and our strategy measures up for you – because if the marketing isn’t working, we all know.

    Services Include:

    • Strategy Development
    • Custom Marketing Plans
    • CRM Integrations
    • CMO Services
    • Primary Research
    • Competitor Research
    • Digital & Marketing Automation Strategy Development

    What is your game plan? How a Solid Strategy Leads the Way.

    • Strategy Development
    • Primary Research
    • Marketing Plans
    • Business Growth

    Strategy Development

    From a go-to-market plan to a campaign to product development, your company has big goals. Success isn’t about guessing, it’s about laying thoughtful groundwork with clear strategic benchmarks. Our team brings clarity to your strategy to help you grow your brand and meet your goals.

    We do this by:

    • Prioritizing executive intent
    • Identifying marketing initiatives
    • Evaluating and recommending budget

    Primary Research

    Research helps to create and refine customer-facing strategies for your business, with a specific focus on learning about your customer so we can be your customer. We believe research is the backbone of all we do.

    Our research services include:

    • Primary research
    • Discovery/focus groups
    • User persona development
    • Competitive analysis

    Marketing Plans

    You have a great idea, service or product and now you want the world to know. Kinetic will craft your marketing plan, with specific marketing objectives within a timeframe and budget to effectively market your business. Marketing plans are the “How” to your Marketing Strategy’s “What.”

    We can help with:

    • Identifying tactics and vehicles
    • Ideal timelines to meet KPIs
    • Beginner, small-business plans to robust omni-channel strategy plans

    Business Growth Goals

    Let Kinetic consult on a growth plan and help your organization strategize, communicate and execute an overall growth plan – whether you’re looking to grow organically, through mergers and acquisitions or simply need a hand with RFPs and SOQs (we make you look good). Communication is key is this area and that’s our sweet spot.

    We can assist your business growth through:

    • Strategic consultations
    • RFP and SOQ responses
    • Merger and acquisitions internal and external communication
    • PR and crisis PR communication


    You’ll hear us talk about strategy, a lot. We incorporate strategic thinking from start to finish and believe it adds value throughout. At the core of all of our work, strategy is an added value that clients find helps them look many years into the future, even with a small project.

    05 - Measure