Kinetic Operates ...

So efficiently because of our experienced team of
strategists, creatives, and operations staff. When
we’re not in the office, we’re out playing with our
families and dogs in Montana’s great outdoors.

Dana Pulis

Owner and Principal

Kelsea Schreiner

Strategic Director

Josh Wirth

Creative Director

Morgan Ditto

Business Manager

Kendra Porrello

Administrative Assistant

Janell Larson

Account Director

Anna O’Donnell

Account Director

Jenny McCullough

Account Executive

Erika Crowe

Project Manager

Linsay Foley

Project Manager

Berenice Carranza Munson

Project Manager

Pierce Heska-McJannet

Digital Marketing Strategist

Jenny Grass


Jake Smith


Casey Greene


Steve Prosinski


Casey Greene


When Casey Greene is on a project, the Kinetic team stays on course. No surprise there. Casey, who joined Kinetic in May 2018, spent 10 years as a graphic designer and cartographer for Adventure Cycling Association, the largest cycling nonprofit in North America. His maps and photographs have been seen in many national and international publications.

Casey grew up in Canton, Ohio, and studied cartography in college. After realizing that all his favorite maps were made by graphic designers, he transitioned to that subject field. He also serves as volunteer president of the board of directors for Bikepacking Roots, a nonprofit that supports bikepacking and landscape conservation.