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September 14th, 2018

Video Best Practices That Work

Marketing experts know how valuable a good video production can be to increase brand awareness and build business. Recent surveys show that most companies believe video plays a big part of their marketing strategy, and they plan to budget more for video production. Below we will outline some of the video best practices that we use always implement in our projects.


With that increasing spend on video comes additional pressure to produce videos that work. Here are some beliefs and best practices we follow at Kinetic when we plan and execute video projects for clients:


Videos best practices that connect with the target audience:

  • Close the deal with consumers and trigger ongoing purchases.
  • Show you are an authority – credible and successful – but not preachy.
  • Educate people about products and services.
  • Provide instructions, offer how-to steps and helpful tips.
  • Position your brand, not with incessant shilling, but by being a helpful source of information
  • Drive organic search to your website.
  • Generate solid business leads.


Some other video best practices:

  • Define your goal. What is a success?
  • Understand your target audience.
  • Study analytics on how your video performed. Who watched?
  • Produce videos with a shelf life of many years.
  • Don’t turn the video into a commercial. Viewers skip them.
  • Don’t drone on about how great you are or how wonderful your product is – show them.
  • Know what your competitors are doing.
  • Ask your followers what they’d like to know.
  • End each video with a call to action – to Watch, Contact, Download, Subscribe, Buy, etc.


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