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December 27th, 2018

With Clients in Mind, We’re Upping Our Digital Game

Though we enjoyed exciting growth in 2018, the Kinetic team isn’t resting on its laurels in this new year. Not only are we raising the bar on our social media initiatives in 2019 (have you seen our @kineticmarketing feed on Instagram or @kineticmc content on Facebook lately?), we are taking all our digital offerings to a new level for our customers and our agency.


Our goal is to be an extension of your company. Your needs are now our needs, your customers are our customers, your goals are our goals.




As we start our project work together with clients, we will explore your tech needs, assess KPIs, determine project goals and timelines, and perform a content audit. The audit will track all of your content in one place, so you can effectively understand what you have and how you can maximize its impact with your audience.


One early step we recommend is to focus on content creation for your website and social networks. There are a few things to keep in mind to create a predictable flow of original, high-quality and relevant content ideas.

  • What are the buyer personas’ reading habits?
  • What are competitors doing?
  • What are people talking about? What are their pain points?
  • How can you provide solutions for their problems?




We feel strongly that a content calendar is critical to a successful content marketing strategy. It keeps your authors and postings organized across all your social media and website. Though the formats may vary, you’ll present a consistent voice to all audiences.  Your content, whether new and original or repurposed, will be posted on time and on target to optimize your efforts.


Content will be the main driver of traffic to your website and conversion within your website. Good material on your site and on social media will strengthen relationships with your users and provide them with solutions to their problems.




It was a year of growth in 2018 for our experienced team of digital strategists and creatives. We are helping more clients develop multipronged digital strategies that put their business in front of clients with the right messaging at the right time. Here are a few of our many capabilities and strategies:


Marketing Automation
More than ever, we will be emphasizing marketing automation in 2019. It is no longer a luxury but a necessity to engage potential customers and review the performance of marketing campaigns. With these all-in-one platforms, it is possible to send emails, review data, create workflows, nurture leads and increase sales.


Marketing automation platforms are used some by some of the most successful companies to track the ROI on their marketing efforts. The days of guessing engagement, ROI and KPIs are in the past.


Email Marketing
Our expertise in email marketing continues to grow. It is one of the top tools used by marketers to nurture leads and develop relationships. A properly created and executed email strategy can help move leads through the buying cycle.


We work to ensure that the messaging and cadence will match your user engagement. Email optimization is very important, and we review the data and optimize email marketing campaigns to increase open and click-through rates.


SEO Marketing
The higher a website is able to rank within a search engine, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, the more likely that users will visit that website. It is estimated that the top three results on a search engine results page will receive nearly 60% of the clicks. Search-engine optimization is an ever-changing environment that requires consistent optimization and updating.

It primarily utilizes search engine result pages to display website content using keywords that are relevant to your business or your buyer personas pain points. Although search engines are the most popular version of PPC, there are other avenues such as social media, display and retargeting that can be utilized to reach your audience.


Demand Generation
Demand generation will help increase the awareness and interest of your company’s product or service through a variety of marketing tactics from social media to content creation. We use a multilevel approach to reach your target personas where they are spending the most time.


Lead Nurturing
Customers today are more in tune with the landscape of their pain points and often have identified their pain points and solution options before you ever talk with them. This switch in customer awareness has forced many companies to reevaluate how they nurture and sell. Lead nurturing provides potential clients with a number of informational touch points.


Content Marketing
This involves the creation of content – blogs, videos, guides or any other educational materials. This content is primarily focused on educating users on solutions for their pain points with the sales material coming later in the buying journey. Content marketing will not only help build trust with your users, but it will position your business as a thought leader in the industry and improve your search rank.

Inbound Marketing
Inbound marketing primarily uses a “pull” strategy to attract new customers to your website and solutions via blogging, content creation, lead nurturing and other tactics. Inbound marketing is becoming increasingly popular because of its user-focused tactics that provides customers with an abundance of information as they move through the buying cycle.


It doesn’t stop there. We have boosted our capabilities in these areas too:

  • Website development
  • Behavioral marketing
  • Digital advertising campaigns
  • Managing social media
  • User experience analysis (UX)
  • User testing (UTA)


We’re off into a great new year! It’s going to be a digital one, for sure!