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April 3rd, 2023

Case Study: Community Campaign Development


MetraPark will mark 50 years of serving Yellowstone County in 2025. In anticipation of this milestone, the MetraPark Advisory Board and leadership team began a process in early 2020 to develop a Master Plan for a new campus centered around public input and community outreach. They engaged Kinetic to assist with the public outreach process. We attended community and workgroup sessions and then wrote and disseminated the post-research report that outlined the key take-aways that have informed the initial site plan and recommendations for MetraPark Vision (the master plan).

Vignette Video Action:

Along with all of this, we:

  • Created an email and media campaign to get the report out to the community
  • Developed the language, messaging and microsite dedicated to MetraPark Vision 2025
  • Planned, shot and produced three videos focused on the community impact of MetraPark
  • Created a MetraPark Vision logo
  • Wrote editorials and collaborated with local newspapers to raise awareness
  • Are currently executing the MetraPark Vision social media campaign including Facebook Live events
  • Are providing ongoing assistance including community presentations, media outlet communications, budget assistance and project management services to the MetraPark Advisory Board

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