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June 10th, 2024

Rediscovering the Granary – A Community Hub Reimagined Through Social Media Marketing


Located in a historic building that once housed a grain mill for Rocky Mountain College, The Granary has been a fixture in the Billings community since 1935. Acquired by the Larson family in 2021, the establishment was poised for a transformation that would honor its rich heritage while catering to contemporary tastes. Initially relaunched as an upscale seafood restaurant, The Granary struggled to attract the anticipated lunch crowd and faced underwhelming overall sales. 

Recognizing the need for a pivot, the Larsons partnered with a restaurant consulting firm. Together, they reimagined The Granary as a “craft kitchen and cocktails” venue. This new concept aimed to balance elevated culinary experiences with the warmth and approachability of a neighborhood pub, offering exceptional value and quality in both food and service. 

The next step? Making sure the Billings community would take notice. Enter Kinetic.


Strategic Reintroduction through Social Media

To effectively communicate the extensive changes and entice both old patrons and new visitors, The Granary engaged Kinetic, and we were tasked with developing a comprehensive campaign that not only highlighted the revamped menu and refined decor but also emphasized the inviting atmosphere and community focus of The Granary. In essence, our strategy focused on showcasing the restaurant’s beautiful renovation and new culinary direction. 

Kinetic’s approach involved an array of dynamic marketing strategies:

  • Content Creation:Our in-house content creators, videographers and photographers worked closely with the team at the Granary to capture the essence of The Granary’s new look and offerings through photography and short-form videos to promote on social media.
  • Social Media Strategy: Recognizing the power of social media in building community and fostering engagement, Kinetic crafted a multi-platform campaign. This included behind-the-scenes videos and spotlight features on signature cocktails and dishes, which were shared across Facebook, and Instagram
  • Targeted Advertising: Employing sophisticated geo-targeting and demographic analysis, the campaign strategically placed ads to reach potential customers within the Midtown Billings area and among attendees of nearby Rocky Mountain College events. Behavioral targeting was also used to capture the interest of users who showed an affinity for fine dining and craft cocktails.

Utilizing geo and behavioral targeting, and demographic insights the campaign aimed to highlight the unique selling propositions of The Granary:

  • Elevated yet approachable dining
  • A rich history as a former grain mill, now serving grain-based spirits
  • A stylish, renovated space ideal for casual visits or special occasions


Surpassing Expectations and Setting New Benchmarks

The campaign kicked off in February 2024 and quickly gained traction. To date, it has generated:

228,142 Impressions and 15,681 Clicks, achieving a click-through rate (CTR) of 6.87%, which significantly exceeds the industry average of 2.29%. We also saw cost-effective engagement with a cost per click (CPC) at $0.11, far below the industry norm of $0.52.

Plus, there was substantial traffic and engagement! The campaign directed 5,380 new users to the website, with significant visits to The Menu page and reservations through RESY.

The Granary’s Social Media Presence Also Saw Remarkable Growth

Facebook and Instagram Followers Increased by 344 and 95 new followers respectively. It also boasted impressive Engagement Rates – Facebook link clicks surged by 52.5% and audience reach by 904.5%. Instagram link clicks rose by 687.7%, with audience reach growing by 99.9%.

A Community Reconnected

This strategic social media initiative not only heightened The Granary’s visibility but also reestablished its place as the neighborhood hub. By leveraging the history, the fresh menu, and the inviting atmosphere, The Granary has begun a new chapter that resonates with both long-time locals and new guests. Moving forward, the focus will remain on nurturing this community connection, continuing to listen to customer feedback, and adapting to ensure The Granary remains a beloved part of Billings’ culinary landscape.

Download the case study here.

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