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Frontier Asset Management, established in Sheridan, Wyoming, in 2000, is definitely not Wall Street. We sure like that. In late 2016, as the company’s leaders looked for help in telling their success story, they reached out to us, an agency as far from Wall Street as they are. In a modest first project, we redesigned and refreshed a heavily used sales presentation that explains “The Frontier Difference.” The relationship skyrocketed from there.

In dozens of interviews with the investment advisors who do business Frontier, we learned what they need most from asset managers. Our deep research revealed Frontier’s Unique Value Propositions that form the foundation for our work with this dynamic – and growing – partner. Among our many projects, we launched Frontier’s new website in early 2018. It features our design, programming, photography, videos and writing – all driven by strategic planning with the Frontier team.

While their website has since been rebranded, the site we produced served the organization successfully for five years.

Website Design

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Frontier Story

Downside First Focus

Named Strategist of the Year in 2015, and again in 2019, Frontier has a compelling story to tell. An overarching goal of our partnership has been to reveal “The Frontier Difference” in everything we produce – clearly communicating what sets the firm apart.

Frontier’s track record of proven results, its Downside Focus First methodology and its dynamic investment strategies are outlined in our many projects –  touchpoint analysis, rebranding, website development, content plans, email campaigns, brochures, fact sheets, and other sales collateral. Our survey of Frontier content set the baseline for development of the Frontier Academy, a resource center for brokers and investors.

Welcome Campaign

More Dynamic Frontier 

Projects Being Developed

As our relationship with Frontier deepened, our teams collaborated on several new initiatives. In 2019, when Envestnet and Investment Advisor named Frontier its overall Manager of the Year along with a second Strategist of the Year honor, we focused on building Frontier’s relationship with independent advisors.

We first strategized four UVPs that form the foundation of this advisor program. Then to highlight the benefits of outsourcing investment management to Frontier, we developed print collateral, landing-page content, email messaging and video production.

We also have helped prepare for the launch of a new retirement program. We helped brand Frontier’s Dynamic Balance Retirement Solution, producing a white-paper commentary, webinar collateral, landing page and email campaign, and even a calculator for investors to explore retirement needs.

Powerpoint Presentations

Frontier Asset Management - Powerpoint Presentations

Investor Booklet

Frontier Asset Management - Investor Booklet


Frontier Asset Management - Photography

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